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White House reportedly seeks tariffs of $60 billion on Chinese technology goods

According to new reports, the White House is seeking tariffs on $60 billion worth of Chinese goods, with the tariff largely targeting Chinese tech and telecom equipment, among other goods.

North Korea denies accusations of WannaCry attack involvement

Two days after the White House publicly attributed North Korea to May's WannaCry global attack, a DPRK representative fired back, calling the U.S. a source of all social evils.
Virtual Reality

Thanks Obama! For recording this awesome VR tour of the White House

Barack Obama is back in the White House, but this time as a guide offering a look around the famous building in 360-degree video. The immersive content is the work of Emmy Award-winning Felix & Paul Studios.
Virtual Reality

Check out the White House and Air Force One in VR via Google Arts & Culture

Thanks to a new partnership between Google Arts & Culture and no fewer than 30 cultural institutions, the internet giant is bringing you a huge update to the American Democracy collection.

Shealah Craighead confirmed as President Trump’s Chief White House Photographer

Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer has confirmed that Shealah Craighead will serve as the Chief White House Photographer. Craighead is a photojournalist who has worked with White House staff in the past.

White House adds press room ‘Skype seats’ for remote reporters

Branching out beyond the traditional press core, the White House is extending video conferencing access via Skype to reporters that simply don't have the resources to fly to Washington D.C. for briefings.

Here’s what the White House has to say about AI and our economic future

The report -- Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy -- describes how AI-driven automation will change our economy and offers a few scenarios policymakers should prepare for.

White House will use Twitch competition to raise health care awareness

The White House teamed up with Twitch to throw an upcoming four-hour party on Monday to raise awareness about the importance of health insurance. The event will feature popular streamers, Rocket League, Street Fighter V, and more.

Obama orders full investigation into cyberattacks during past few elections

President Barack Obama ordered the intelligence community to conduct a thorough investigation into the cyberattacks during the past three elections. Obama wants the report on his desk before he leaves the Oval Office.

You can now explore the White House in VR thanks to the new 1600 app

With naught more than a George Washington and a smartphone, you can experience 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue like never before. And it's all thanks to the White House's newest technological innovation -- this time involving virtual reality.

The White House plans 48 electric vehicle ‘charging corridors’ across the U.S.

The Obama Administration announced key programs to accelerate EV and charging infrastructure deployment in 48 national highway corridors. Partnerships with states, municipalities, and the private sector all support infrastructure growth.
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What happens to Obama’s @POTUS tweets when he’s done? The White House reveals all

The White House has laid out its plans for a smooth "digital transition" for when President Obama leaves office. The @POTUS Twitter account, for example, will retain its 11 million followers but have an empty timeline, with all of Obama's…

White House report warns of bias concerns in application of AI

The White House has published a new report outlining the benefits and challenges relating to artificial intelligence, from regulation of autonomous vehicles to discriminatory predictive policing tools and hiring practices.

Sprint’s 1 Million Project brings connected devices to high school students

A lot of students in low-income families deal with lack of internet access, meaning they won't be able to do their homework. Sprint wants to change that with its 1 Million Project initiative.
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Report: Facebook in talks with White House to introduce Free Basics in the U.S.

Facebook is reportedly preparing to introduce its free internet program in the U.S., having faced opposition abroad. Free Basics by Facebook was banned in India earlier this year. Will it suffer a similar fate at home?

Brazen breach: Hackers posted a copy of Michelle Obama’s passport online

Hackers have posted a scan of Michelle Obama’s passport online as well as other staff information. The White House is laying the blame on a contractor but the incident raises concerns regarding the type of information contractors have in…

Some of the biggest names in tech just signed the Equal Pay Pledge

Late last week, 29 more companies joined the White House's Equal Pay Pledge, promising to do their part to close the gender pay gap. Among these companies were big names like Apple, Facebook, Dropbox, IBM, Intel, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.
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Chatting with President Obama is now as easy as using Facebook Messenger

On Wednesday, the White House announced a brand-new way to get in touch with the President of the United States. It's no surprise that this latest method is none other than a Facebook Messenger bot.