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Nest Wifi may be coming with Google Assistant speakers built-in

Google may be unveiling a new WiFi router at the October 15 annual Made by Google hardware showcase in New York City.
Google Booth CES 2018

The Eero Pro Wi-Fi system is $200 off in early Amazon Prime Day deal

Amazon Prime Day is a fine time to upgrade your home Wi-Fi system. Now, Amazon Prime members only can secure an early Prime Day deal on a mesh network wireless router, with the Eero Pro Wi-Fi system now just $299.
amazon prime members get early day deal on eero pro wifi system 23c7d375cdff1a4d95cf656360f8a456

Atmos Smart Home will help all your smart devices work via a single interface

The new Atmos Smart Home Control System works in concert with all your smart home's connected devices to give users voice and touch control over a wide range of smart home devices.

Vinli transforms any old clunker into a high-tech connected car

People love their old cars, but not being cut off from the internet while they're driving. Vinli solves that, it's like mobile WiFi, theft detection and more.
vinli makes old cars smart

Asus RT-N16 Review

asus rt n16 review