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The Coravin wine opener lets you pour a glass without uncorking the bottle

Coravin Model Eleven inserts a needle into the cork of your favorite wine bottle so you can drink at your own pace without letting a good vintage go bad. It will set you back $1,000.
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Zos will let you keep an opened bottle of wine for weeks or months without worry

Promising to remove 100 percent of the oxygen in an opened bottle of wine, the Zos won't let you say that you just have to finish those last few glasses because your wine will turn to vinegar.
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This innovative home chef made wine in his Instant Pot — seriously

At least one innovative culinary mind has managed to turn his Instant Pot into a home brewing machine. Because why pay thousands of dollars for such a contraption when you can just use your handy dandy all-purpose cooker? 
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Keep tabs on all your pinots and merlots with the Caveasy One, a smart wine rack

Who says you can't have your wine and drink it too? Certainly not the folks behind the Caveasy One, the connected wine rack that comes with a companion app to enhance your drinking experience.
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Want better beer, fancy cocktails, and ‘aged’ wine? Try these drinking gadgets

What are you drinking at your holiday party? If you're hosting, you might want to have beer, wine, cocktails, and coffee on hand, so we rounded up some drinking gadgets that can help with all types of beverages.
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Smart wine scanner means you’ll never waste money on a bottle you don’t like

Should you be one of the 99.9 percent of people who can’t talk about wine without feeling like a fraud, a new smart wine scanner device is here to help. It's now available on Kickstarter.
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The winery of the future looks like something Bruce Wayne would run

Palmaz Vineyards in Napa Valley uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor everything from the condition of grapes to the temperature of the fermentation vats, and it’s all displayed on a futuristic dome worthy of Batman.
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Wine taste bad? The temperature may be to blame, but this gadget can help

The majority of wines are consumed at the wrong temperature and it can have a big impact on the taste. Enter the Kelvin K2 Smart Wine Monitor to tell you when your wine is the perfect temperature.
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Vinophiles will rejoice at the new wine cellars debuting at IFA 2017

Vinophiles, take note. You'll now be able to store all the wine your heart desires in your home thanks to four new wine cellars from Europe that have made their debut at IFA 2017.
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No grapes necessary — Ava Winery makes fine wines molecule by molecule

San Francisco winemaker Ava Winery wants to democratize the pricey business of drinking wine by taking it out of the vineyards and into the lab, re-creating different wines based on their taste chemistry.

Enjoy wine at the campsite with this new bottle from Hydro Flask

Premium water bottle manufacturer Hydro Flask has made it easier than ever for wine lovers to enjoy their favorite beverage in the backcountry by releasing a new 25-ounce wine bottle and 10-ounce wine tumbler.
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If you are looking for a way to chill your wine on a hot day, ProntoBev can help

ProntoBev is a clever little tool that can chill your drinks below freezing temperatures in under 30 seconds. Just pour a drink into it, wait a few moments, and get ice-cold (or colder) drinks to share.