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xbox 360 mega building set replica

Rebuild your own nostalgia with this detailed Xbox 360 toy set

Want to relive your Xbox 360 glory days? You can rebuild those memories with this impressive new Mega set.
The Xbox logo.

The impending Xbox 360 Store closure makes me wary of Game Pass’ future

An image of backward compatible Xbox 360 games.

Microsoft will shut down the Xbox 360 Store next year

A player conversation in Baldur's Gate 3.

You can’t play Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox, but you can play these 6 Game Pass RPGs

Xbox Game Pass Core's logo over a library of games.

Your Xbox Live Gold subscription will turn into Xbox Game Pass Core this September

The GameCube startup screen appears mid animation.

We ranked all the best (and worst) video game system startup sounds

Marcus Fenix and other COG members of Gears of War.

Microsoft will no longer offer Xbox 360 games via Games with Gold

The best Xbox 360 games backward compatible on Xbox One

Xbox One X review controller in front

The history of the Xbox

xbox one backwards compatible december 2015 halo reach 360 compatability waypoint featured

The best Xbox 360 games of all time

best xbox 360 headsets headset

The best Xbox 360 headsets

nine games coming to xbox game pass in july

Xbox Game Pass adds ‘Fallout 3,’ ‘Oblivion,’ and seven more games in July

A soldier in power armor.

The best backward-compatible Xbox One games

There are hundreds of Xbox 360 games that now work on Xbox One. Of course, not all of them are worth revisiting or playing for the first time, but there are many that remain great today. We've compiled 20 of the best Xbox 360 games to play on Xbox One. There's no need to unbox your dust-ridden 360!
10 years in far cry 2 is still the most exciting of series farcry screen explosion

The best by far: 10 years in, ‘Far Cry 2’ is still the most exciting of the series

Far Cry 5 had problems blending story and gameplay. It should take a page from the series’ most experimental entry, Far Cry 2.
xbox 360 controller

The U.S. Navy is using Xbox 360 controllers to operate submarine periscopes

The U.S. Navy has detailed plans to implement Xbox 360 controllers as part of its hardware setup onboard Virginia-class submarines.
Xbox One S

Xbox One gamers don’t play backwards compatible titles? No so fast, says Microsoft

A study into Xbox One usage found only a tiny proportion of owners used the backward compatibility feature, but Microsoft disputes the data.
payday 2 lead takes money runs start new studio bank heist

Xbox Game Pass: What is it, and what games are included?

Xbox Game Pass offers gamers access to hundreds of titles for a low monthly fee. Here, we've curated a complete list of all available games.
steam customization support for xbox controllers coming soon controller head 438x292 c

Steam customization support for Xbox One, Xbox 360 controllers is coming soon

Valve is rolling out Steam Controller Configurator support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamepads, granting access to advanced mapping features.
xbox store countdown sale launches with catalog wide discounts xboxsaleffxv

Xbox Store winter sale is live with price drops for 'Final Fantasy XV' and more

Microsoft kicked off the first day of its catalog-spanning Xbox Store Countdown sale with price drops for many of this year's biggest Xbox One releases.
xbox 360 boxes change one xbox360newbox2

Xbox 360 game boxes now look an awful lot like Xbox One boxes

Microsoft has changed the box design for backward compatible Xbox 360 games to more closely match the look of its Xbox One boxes.
final destiny patch hits xbox 360 and ps3 destinybye header

‘Destiny’ platform split wraps up with one final patch for PS3, Xbox 360

Attention Destiny fans who haven't yet joined the current console generation: Your time is up. Bungie has released its final patch for the Xbox 360 and PS3.
red dead redemption now backward compatible with xbox one reddeadredeption feat

‘Red Dead Redemption’ earns Xbox One compatibility this week

Rockstar's open-world, Western-themed action game 'Red Dead Redemption' will soon be playable on Xbox One consoles via backward compatibility.
banner saga 2 free for xbox live gold subscribers in july bannersaga feat

‘Banner Saga 2,’ ‘Tron: Evolution’ free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers in July

Indie developer Stoic's tactical RPG The Banner Saga 2 will make its Xbox One debut in July as a free download for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.
destiny to drop support for legacy consoles destinyriseofiron

‘Destiny’ dropping support for legacy consoles with release of ‘Rise of Iron’

Destiny creator Bungie warned players that all future updates and expansions will only be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting in August.
mighty no 9 xbox 360 delay mightyno9characters

Anyone keeping count? ‘Mighty No. 9’ has been delayed again on Xbox 360

Mighty No. 9 is available now on PC and almost every console imaginable, but the Xbox 360 version has suffered a last-minute delay.
wwe 2k17 wcw superstar goldberg thumb

‘WWE 2K17’ pre-order special gives fans a double dose of returning superstar Goldberg

Publisher 2K's annual wrestling sim series will return this year with WWE 2K17, and fans can pre-order the upcoming game to play as WCW superstar Bill Goldberg.
xbox live gold delivers free xcom the crew in june junegold thumb

‘Goat Simulator’ and ‘The Crew’ free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers in June

Xbox Live Gold service subscribers can expect to receive free copies of titles like Goat Simulator, The Crew, and XCOM throughout the next month.
microsoft to release nearly 1 million xbox gamertags one 13 438x292 c

Microsoft: ‘Nearly 1 million’ unused Xbox Gamertags now up for grabs

Microsoft announced plans to wipe "nearly 1 million" unused and dormant Gamertags this week, allowing gamers to reclaim abandoned Xbox Live usernames.
call of duty modern warfare trilogy out at retail this week mwtrilogy thumb

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trilogy to hit retailers’ shelves Tuesday

Retailer Best Buy has outed the upcoming release of a Call of Duty bundle for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that includes Modern Warfare and its sequels.
peggle costume quest 2 free via xbox gold in may thumb

Peggle, Costume Quest 2 free with Xbox Live Gold in May

Xbox Live Gold subscribers will see a new batch of free Xbox One and Xbox 360 games in May, including Double Fine's Costume Quest 2 and PopCap's Peggle.
microsoft ends xbox 360 console production 4 terabyte upgrade 440x292 c 438x292

Microsoft ends Xbox 360 console production after 10 years

Microsoft is ending production of new Xbox 360 consoles due to "the realities of manufacturing a product over a decade old."
sunset overdrive free for xbox games with gold in april sunsetod thumb

Sunset Overdrive goes free for Xbox Games with Gold in April

Microsoft is giving away free downloadable copies of its open-world Xbox One action game Sunset Overdrive next month as part of its Games with Gold program.
microsoft enables cross network multiplayer for xbox live 70

Xbox and PC gamers can finally battle as Microsoft rolls out cross-network play

Licensed Xbox developers can now enable support for cross-network multiplayer with non-Xbox consoles and PCs, Microsoft announced today.
microsoft xbox one review console kinect

Kinect developers face extinction following Microsoft Studios website update

Microsoft has removed many of its partnered development houses from the official Microsoft Studios website in the wake of Lionhead's recent closure.