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Digital Blend: Ghost Recon Network puts a mobile twist on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Welcome to Digital Blend, your one-stop-shop for coverage and recommendations of all things relating to mobile gaming, digital marketplaces, and indie titles (for the week ending April 8).

Microsoft working on new Spotify-like service on Xbox, Windows and smartphones

With the recent growth of Spotify and other similar streaming music services on the Web, Microsoft may be retooling the Zune Music Pass to incorporate similar features across several products.

Nintendo gets with the times, announces Nintendo Network, DLC, and NFC for Wii U

Today, Nintendo announced that the Wii U will definitely launch in 2012 and have a more robust online network with logins (Nintendo Network) that operates more like Xbox Live. NFC support and full downloadable games are also planned. We…

Will Microsoft Points be replaced with real-world currency?

A new rumor suggests that Microsoft will switch to real-world currency for digital goods by the end of 2012.

Saints Row: The Third “GenkiBowl VII” DLC review

Volition releases new DLC content for its mega-fun and over the top Saints Row: The Third, offering new modes, weapons, and vehicles that--while fun--walk a little too closely to content already available.

Microsoft announces the Arcade House Party lineup for XBL

Four major downloadable titles are heading to Xbox Live beginning on February 15, and the full lineup has been announced.

Microsoft fumbles UFC promotion on Xbox Live, promises improvements

While Microsoft continues to strike up a relationship with sports fanatics to help promote the Xbox 360 as a media device, a recent promotion related to UFC went awry after technical difficulties.

How to get the most out of your new Xbox 360

After opening your Christmas presents, do you find yourself to be the proud owner of a brand new Xbox 360? Here's a few tips to change it from a game console into a home entertainment system.

Microsoft to eliminate ‘gun-like’ avatar props on Xbox Live

Beginning Jan. 1, all gun-like items will be banned from the Xbox Live Marketplace, according to Epic Games.

Sony slapped with class-action suit over no-sue clause

A new class-action lawsuit filed last month cries unfair business practices over the Sony PSN no-sue clause in the new TOS.

Weekly Rewind: Verizon plans Netflix-competitor service, Xbox Live gets a dashboard update, and Facebook’s Timeline officially launched in New Zealand

This week we saw Microsoft launch a new Xbox Live dashboard update, learned about Verizon's plans to beat Netflix, and watched Facebook's Timeline feature New Zealand.