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Remember Yelp? It’s back with a brand new app design

Yelp has struggled to find its footing in recent years, but now the company is launching a majorly redesigned version of its app for Android users.
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Digital Trends Live: T-Mobile’s nationwide outage, Rosie Okumura, and more


Yelp adds GoFundMe button to boost local restaurants and bars hurt by closures

social media privacy apps settlement yelp phone 0001

Yelp condemns Google’s practices in senate antitrust hearing

yelp reservations buick marketplace yelpxevo

Dine and dash(board): Make a Yelp reservation from your car’s control panel

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How clean is your favorite restaurant? Yelp’s hygiene scores will dish the dirt

yelp collections announced yelpcollections

Yelp now uses A.I. to deliver personalized recommendations with Collections

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Smart home automation is now one of Yelp’s fastest-growing categories

how to safely order food delivery grubhub

GrubHub and Yelp team up to offer delivery from more than 80,000 restaurants

yelp photo classification sandwiches somacrop

Hot dog! Yelp photo classification makes food shots easier to browse

most popular places to eat busiest united states airports dsc 3410

10 airports with restaurants you’ll actually want to eat at (we’re serious!)

clipcall app

ClipCall app manages the home repair process from start to finish

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Looking for a gender-neutral bathroom? Yelp will help you find one

Yelp announced "a new business attribute that helps users identify businesses that offer gender neutral restrooms to patrons."
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Does something look different to you? Yelp redesigns its home page

Yelp is is starting the year with a new look. The site has a new desktop homepage redesign that it hopes will keep you coming back for more.
best dating apps

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel taps Yelp, Spotify to help plan your first date

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel is launching two new web apps powered by Yelp and Spotify that are all about helping you plan the ideal first date.
yelp lets businesses see users personal info privacy

Yelp’s rewards program nets you up to 10% cash back at participating restaurants

Yelp's latest ploy to attract users is a cash-back program that rewards customers as well as local businesses.
facebook best hackathon products 2016 1 hacker way

Lawyer sues student over bad reviews on Facebook and Yelp, student wins $27K

A 20-year old Houston nursing student was sued by a law firm for posting negative reviews. She won when the court ruled the suit was a SLAPP.
According to rumors, the iPhone X may be discontinued this summer, we'll take a first look at the Galaxy S9. Also, 50 Cent is beyond wealthy in bitcoins, the Amazon Go Store goes public and the dream a robot to bring you a beer, may finally be a reality.

Trends with Benefits: The Google Project Tango revolution, Uber gets an upgrade

yelp fusion api feat

Yelp’s Fusion API lets developers snag more local data for their apps

Yelp is giving developers a little more access into its service. With the new API, other apps can pull 3 images and 3 review excerpts.
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Yelp is offering ‘nice’ hackers up to $15,000 to squash its bugs

pokemon go filter businesses near pokestops

Yelp’s new ‘Pokémon Go’ filter helps you find nearby Pokéstops

Yelp's 'new Pokémon Go' filter helps you find businesses near Pokéstops.
yummy is the social media for food photography sergey rasulov 123rf

Hungry? This new free app is bringing food porn to an entirely new level

Yummi is a new app that's designed not just for showing off food porn, but also serve as a discovery tool and a memory bank for the places you've visited.
ubermoto bangkok uber hit with  7 million fine in california regulators threaten to suspend service

Feeling adventurous? Bar Roulette wants to take you to a random bar

Bar Roulette wants to bring out your adventurous side and introduce you to new bars.
yelp bug bounty program

More than just a site for finding good pizza, Yelp now allows quote requests for services

The popular business review site Yelp just announced it now allows users to directly contact businesses to receive quotes on a wide range of services.
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Food Network’s new show 12 Hungry Yelpers will confront restaurateurs with Yelp reviews

12 Hungry Yelpers will feature some of Yelp's most acerbic or perhaps acrimonious reviews in order to help restaurants fix their issues.
doordash delight score tumblr o4k3soyrtr1se9e8eo1 1280

Check out the Delight score of your favorite restaurants on DoorDash

Now, not only can you order food from nearby restaurants using DoorDash, you'll also be able to make smarter decisions thanks to its new "Delight score."
hound yelp uber integrations

SoundHound unleashes Hound from private beta, announces Yelp and Uber integration

Google, Apple, and Microsoft have some serious competition. SoundHound has released its digital voice assistant, Hound, from private beta.
ny sting fake online reviews yelp

Yelp employee behind open letter to CEO is fired

According to one Yelp employee, the utopian tech workplace is nothing more than a myth, and now, she's gotten fired for saying so.
An image of a court gavel.

A divorcing couple's slandering online reviews helped an attorney win $350,000 in damages

A divorcing couple posted defamatory reviews of the former's divorce attorney, which led to the attorney awarded $350,000 in damages.
facebook fake news newspaper ads woman using

Facebook’s new local business listings feature causes Yelp shares to drop

Facebook is testing a new local business listings feature, and news of the tool has caused Yelp shares to plummet.
fake yelp reviews cracks down on with new consumer alerts 141f977c71

One-star Yelp review? It may be a sign of food poisoning

The ubiquity of Yelp can be instrumental in detecting illnesses early and also identifying potential patients who will need medical care down the line.
south park pokes fun at yelp restaurant reviewers youre not yelping

South Park ridicules entitled Yelp reviewers who think their words matter

The latest episode of South Park pokes fun at self-absorbed and entitled Yelp users who think they are important critics.
Google Chrome Battery

Google is playing dirty, skewing search results in its own favor, study finds

A new study authored has provided new, damning evidence that Google is skewing search results in their own favor.
yelp bug bounty program

Yelp reveals personal info of users to businesses, and many are unaware