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Social Feed: Regrams join Stories, YouTube bans guns, Pinterest expands shopping

In case you were too busy watching the Facebook privacy scandal, here's the social media news you might have missed, including a potential "regram" option inside Instagram Stories inside Friday's Social Feed.
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YouTube expands live-streaming for desktop — and all you need is a webcam

Desktop live-streams just got much simpler. YouTube launched an update on Tuesday that allows desktop users to go live in a few clicks and without any additional equipment or software.

YouTube could bring its picture-in-picture feature to desktop soon

YouTube's picture-in-picture functionality is already available for mobile as well as for Safari on MacOS, but now it's testing it for all desktop platforms and browsers, hopefully bringing it to all users soon.
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Conspiracy theories surface on YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids has a problem. No, not that violent cartoon problem. The platform has been accidentally hosting content related to conspiracy theories regarding the assassination of Kennedy, the moon landing, and more.
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YouTube will add factual links to conspiracy-theory videos — using Wikipedia

After a conspiracy theory video that was later removed made it to YouTube's trending section, the platform decided to make changes to help cue viewers in to potentially false content by adding links to related Wikipedia content.

YouTube launches Dark Theme setting for mobile devices, starting with the iOS app

YouTube is officially rolling out a Dark Theme setting for its mobile app on iOS. The new feature turns the background dark, which cuts down on glare and allows users to take in the true colors of the videos they're watching.

Ready to become an internet star? Here's how to upload your first YouTube video

If you're looking to learn how to upload a video to YouTube, this is the guide for you. We break down the steps you need to take to get your video online and seen by as many people as you can.
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From pranksters to pop stars, these are the 10 biggest YouTube channels

For better or worse, YouTube celebrities have had a profound impact on popular culture. From comedy to Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber to Bollywood music, these are the most subscribed channels on the video-sharing platform.

Google launches YouTube Studio to help video creators nab more views

YouTube Studio will help creators see just how well each video is performing with new metrics and an upgraded dashboard. The new features come as YouTube pushes the new app out of beta testing for an official launch.
Emerging Tech

Watch as this hydraulic press rips through packs of playing cards

Although it totally wastes 10 packs of perfectly decent playing cards, there's something rather soothing about this video of a hydraulic press cutting through the cards in a matter of seconds.
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Which social media platform wins?

Pinterest is popular with women and LinkedIn with college grads, but YouTube and Facebook remain the leaders of social media, according to Pew Research Center.
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The best, free feature-length movies on YouTube

Exhausted all your options on Netflix? Check out our curated list of the best full movies on YouTube to find feature-length flicks that are free, legally uploaded, and actually worth watching.