Challenge your friends to come up with the perfect response GIF with this new iMessage game

Zynga's latest iMessage game combines Cards Against Humanity-style gameplay with the power of GIFs to spice up your group conversations, and it's available to download now for free.
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Zynga, Facebook, and the rapidly approaching future of online social gambling

Facebook is launching gambling games in the U.K., which is great news for Zynga but bad news for people who hate getting badgered about Facebook games.

With former Xbox brass aboard, will Zynga try to hatch a low-cost console?

Don Mattrick fled Microsoft’s Xbox division for the shores of Zynga, but what’s his master plan? It could be a low-cost console built with developers in mind.

Don Mattrick’s deal to take CEO role at Zynga worth a reported $50 million

A filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reveals that soon-to-be-former Microsoft exec Don Mattrick was lured into joining Zynga as its new CEO with a deal worth roughly $50 million.

How the Xbox’s departed boss went from gamemaker to executive playmaker

Don Mattrick, the brand new CEO of Zynga, has walked a long path up through the ranks of the video game industry, starting as an enthusiastic game designer at the age of 17 and growing into one of the architects behind the Xbox business'…

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer temporarily takes over for departing Don Mattrick

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will temporarily take over for Don Mattrick in the wake of the news that the soon-to-be-former Xbox chief heads to Zynga on July 8, 2013 as the company's new CEO.

Zynga appoints Xbox chief Don Mattrick as new CEO [UPDATED]

Zynga officially appoints Microsoft's former president of interactive business Don Mattrick as CEO while founder Mark Pincus hangs onto his roles as chairman of the board of directors and chief product officer.

Acer partners with Zynga, Pokki to offer specialized ‘game arcade’ on new PCs

Acer struck up a partnership with both Pokki Games and Zynga in order to bring some of the more popular casual games on the market to a new application store called Acer Arcade. The store will come pre-loaded with new Acer PCs.

Zynga lays off 18-percent of its staff [updated]

Zynga confirms plans to shut down three of its studios, in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas, and cut its workforce by 18 percent - amounting to more than 500 lost jobs - between now and August 2013.

Zynga’s downward spiral continues as it shutters four more games

In 2010, Zynga was more valuable than Madden NFL maker Electronic Arts. Not anymore. Zynga is closing even more social network games as 2012 earnings disappoint. This includes The Ville, the Facebook game targeted in an EA lawsuit.

Facebook claims that just because EA is running, gaming isn’t dead on the social network

Electronic Arts shook the still nascent social gaming industry on Monday when it announced the closure of Playfish and games like SimCity Social. Facebook insists that its network is still a booming market for game makers. What's the truth?…

Draw Something to become TV game show – for real this time

Attempts by Zynga to bring its popular mobile game "Draw Something" to television may have stalled in the U.S., but they've been more successful across the Atlantic: Broadcast network Channel 4 has announced the launch of a game show…
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Online gambling: Zynga bets on real-money games to bring in the cash with UK launch

Social gaming company Zynga launches its first online real-money gambling games in the UK on Wednesday, a move it hopes will set it on the path to a more profitable future.

Zynga calls it quits with Facebook, log-in no longer required

You're free to play Zynga games outside of Facebook! Spare your Facebook friends your invites and connect with Zynga players free of Facebook login.

Investment in social gaming drops by $1 billion in 2012

As recently as 2011, the expectation was that the social gaming industry was the future of big money in video games. Companies like Zynga were valued in the billions. In 2013, not so much. Investment in social game companies dropped by $1…

Zynga shutters 11 games, cites cost-reduction plan

In an effort to avoid complete collapse, casual gaming giant Zynga has opted to close down 11 of its least profitable games. Fans are understandably upset.

Jetsetter: Sony sells 30 million PlayStation 3 consoles across Europe

This week in Jetsetter we sweep across the European continent to look at PlayStation 3 sales, look at a little Belarusian company's success in Russia with World of Tanks, and stop off in Japan to lament Zynga's fall in the country.
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Facebook and Zynga decide to see other people

Facebook and Zynga, long established as one of social networking's strongest power couples, have loosened their contractual relationship. The changes mean that Zynga is no longer tied exclusively to Facebook, while Facebook is free to court…