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switch and mobile exclusive star wars hunters delayed to 2023

Switch and mobile exclusive Star Wars: Hunters delayed to 2023

Zynga has delayed the Nintendo Switch and Android/iOS exclusive Star Wars: Hunters to 2023 to meet the expectations of fans and developers.
take two completes acquisition of zynga farmville 3

Take-Two completes its massive Zynga acquisition

zyngas value may reach as high 9 billion farmville by zynga

The original FarmVille is shutting down after 11 years

what is an rss feed 31019544  woman reading text message on bus

Challenge your friends to come up with the perfect response GIF with this new iMessage game

facebook gambling is coming and it may save zynga

Zynga, Facebook, and the rapidly approaching future of online social gambling

Zynga leaders

With former Xbox brass aboard, will Zynga try to hatch a low-cost console?

Don Mattrick’s deal to take CEO role at Zynga worth a reported $50 million

Microsoft CEO heads to Zynga header

How the Xbox’s departed boss went from gamemaker to executive playmaker

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer temporarily takes over for departing Don Mattrick

Zynga appoints Xbox chief Don Mattrick as new CEO [UPDATED]

Zynga lays off 18-percent of its staff [updated]

Zynga’s downward spiral continues as it shutters four more games

Facebook claims that just because EA is running, gaming isn’t dead on the social network

Facebook insists that its network is still a booming market for game makers despite Electronic Arts' big closures. What's the truth? It depends on your perspective.

Draw Something to become TV game show – for real this time

Zynga's bringing mobile app "Draw Something" to television across the Atlantic: Broadcast network Channel 4 has announced the launch of a game show version.
zynga launches real money gambling games in uk

Online gambling: Zynga bets on real-money games to bring in the cash with UK launch

Investment in social gaming drops by $1 billion in 2012

As recently as 2011, the expectation was that the social gaming industry was the future of big money in video games. Companies like Zynga were valued in the billions. In 2013? Not so much. Investment in social game companies dropped by $1 billion in 2012.

Digital Blend: Ouya and OnLive, portable Assassin’s Creed, and the fertile creative ground of PSN

CBS could spin ‘Draw Something’ app into a TV game show

Zynga goes global with Draw Something while share price struggles

Digital Blend: Awesomenauts channels the Saturday mornings of your childhood

casual gaming continues to prove lucrative for farmville publisher zyngalogo

Casual gaming continues to prove lucrative for Farmville publisher


Alec Baldwin kicked off American Airlines flight for playing Words with Friends

Zynga facing possible mass staff exodus following IPO

owen van natta resigns as zyngas chief business officer pd 32049865

Owen Van Natta resigns as Zynga’s chief business officer

Google: U.S. government censorship, private user data requests on the rise

Internet titans fight SOPA with full-page NY Times ad [updated]

Amazon to Nook buyers: Kindle Fire has Netflix too, and much more

Zynga announces new games, and gaming platform “project Z”


Google+ traffic drops 60% after public launch


Monster Cable blacklists Facebook, Sears and eBay as ‘rogue sites’

Study: Average person spends nearly eight hours a month on Facebook

Google+ gets a traffic surge of 1269 percent

Zynga brings Facebook’s Most popular game CityVille to Google+

Zynga profits drop 90-percent, further threatening its IPO status

Angry Birds developer becoming a publisher