Hasbro Zynga partnership sees virtual and real worlds combine

Hasbro and Zynga have inked a deal which will see the two companies work together to launch a number of physical toys based on Zynga's popular online games.
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Inside Facebook: What SEC documents reveal about the social-networking monolith

Facebook's IPO may let the company generate $5 billion in fuel, but it's also requiring the company reveal some of its inner workings. What do Facebook's inner workings look like, and what do they mean for you?
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Facebook users can share more activities with friends via 60 new apps

With more users turning to Facebook to find out what their friends are currently up to, the social network is making it simpler to share actions and get friends to join in.

Zynga expands with acquisition of four mobile game companies

Online game maker Zynga has bought four mobile game companies since August last year in a bid to increase its presence in the smartphone and tablet games market.

Man’s life saved thanks to a game of Words With Friends

Words With Friends turned international lifesaver recently when a game between two players on different continents uncovered a serious health condition.

Alec Baldwin kicked off American Airlines flight for playing Words with Friends

While the addictive nature of mobile gaming can quickly lead to a dead smartphone battery, the star of NBC's 30 Rock found himself being removed from a flight which he attributed to playing Zynga's version of Scrabble.

Zynga facing possible mass staff exodus following IPO

Zynga’s poor workplace reputation may cost them, as huge numbers of employees may leave the developer following the upcoming IPO.
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Owen Van Natta resigns as Zynga’s chief business officer

After serving as Facebook's chief operating officer and MySpace's CEO, Owen Van Natta has now departed from game maker Zynga...missing out on the company's public offering.

Internet titans fight SOPA with full-page NY Times ad [updated]

Internet giants have taken to the pages of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and the Washington Times, to fight back against SOPA, the Internet censorship bill.
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Amazon to Nook buyers: Kindle Fire has Netflix too, and much more

After enduring a verbal attack from Barnes & Noble earlier this week, Amazon has hit back, arguing that the Kindle Fire will have Netflix too, and a lot of other apps that the Nook Tablet won't have.

Zynga announces new games, and gaming platform “project Z”

During the Zynga Unleashed event Zynga announced "Project Z" which will be a way for Zynga gamers to play games independent of a social network. Zynga also announced a few new games including CastleVille for gamers who can't get enough for…
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Google+ traffic drops 60% after public launch

Google+ traffic dips 60 percent after huge usage surge after public launch on September 20. Traffic is back down to pre-launch numbers as the service seems unable to keep users coming back for more.