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Social Media

How to download Instagram Stories on iOS, Android, and desktop

Curious about how to save someone's Instagram Story to your phone? Lucky for you, it can be done -- but it does take a few extra steps. Here's what you need to know to save Instagram Stories on both iOS and Android.

What changed on Apple’s new MacBook Pro (and why you’ll care)

Apple's top-of-the-line MacBook Pro 15 can be configured with so many options you can quickly drive its price over $6,000. To make sense of all the possibilities watch our complete walkthrough video.

Which 2018 flagship phone battery lasts longest? Our test reveals the answer

When buying a new phone, it’s important to make sure it has enough battery life to go the distance. Here, we put the best smartphones currently on the market -- including the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 -- to the ultimate test of endurance.
Home Theater

Samsung’s 34-foot Onyx LED TV looks to change movie theaters forever

Samsung’s new Onyx Cinema LED screen is a massive LED display designed to power the movie theater of the future. Could this 34-foot big-screen make projectors obsolete?

How to play Steam games on Android

With Steam Link, you can officially bypass your laptop or desktop computer and play games directly on your Android device using a number of different controllers. Here's what you need to know to get started.

How to get the best Android P features on any Android phone

If you're eager to try out Android P's new features -- including the apt-titled Lockdown mode -- but don't have a phone that can install the beta, there is a workaround. Here's what you need to know.

Automate tasks in Android to put your digital life on autopilot

Using Automate, a free app on the Play Store, we'll show you how to start automating tasks on your Android starting with automatically backing up your Snapseed photos into Google Drive.

Which Samsung Galaxy outlasts the rest on battery life? Not the one you expect

Does Samsung's latest, plus-sized flagship sport more battery life than its predecessors? To find out, we pitted a variety of phones in the Galaxy lineup against one another in a test of sheer endurance.

Speed test: Galaxy S9 Plus vs. S8 vs. S8 Plus vs. Note 8

The Galaxy S9 Plus sports the cutting-edge Snapdragon 845 processor, but how much impact does it really have on the phone's performance? We ran the phone, and three other Galaxy devices, through a series of speed tests to find out.

From the 6S Plus to the X, how much did the iPhone camera improve?

Curious as to how far the camera on Apple's flagship device has come in recent years? We put four of the latest iPhones through a series of tests, allowing us to see how much the camera has improved with each iteration of the iPhone.

Automate your life with Apple Workflow, the most powerful app you’re not using

Automation is key when it comes to saving time, but not everyone knows how to automate tasks in iOS. With Workflow, you can cut back on the amount time you spend performing everyday tasks. Here's how.

Share your handwritten notes and doodles in real time with this smart pen

For many people, handwriting simply feels better than typing, but if you work in a professional setting, you may want to share your notes with others. Thankfully, the eBeam Smartpen lets you digitize documents as you write.
Smart Home

Rule your home with custom voice commands for Alexa and Google Assistant

Looking to take charge of your smart home device? With IFTTT, you can create custom, one-of-a-kind commands that are just between you and your Amazon Echo or Google Home device. Here's everything you need to know.

Shock your iPhone-toting friends by sending them iMessages from your Android phone

Most would agree that iMessage is nothing short of convenient -- if you're plugged into the Apple ecosystem. Thankfully, WeMessage allows you to receive iMessages on your Android device, rendering cross-platform messaging a thing of the…

The best camera bag under $70

A camera bag is an important tool for any photographer -- after all, you need a bag that can hold all of your gear comfortably and thwart potential pickpockets. Thankfully, the perfect does exist.

We put the last 4 iPhones through a battery beatdown

The iPhone X boasts commendable battery life, but how does it compare to that of the 6S Plus, 7 Plus, and 8 Plus? To answer this question, we tested the longevity of each device using a 10-hour video on YouTube.

A brilliant, devious way to stop telemarketing calls once and for all

Tired of the constant calling from telemarketers? Has asking them politely to stop not worked out? You may need to block them, or resort to more devious methods. Regardless of which way you'd like to pursue it, here's how.

Four generations of iPhone go head-to-head in our app-launching drag race

The iPhone X may be the most advanced iPhone to date, but is it that much quicker than its last-gen counterparts? We pitted Apple's latest headset against the iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, and 6S Plus to find out.