Amazon Devices Event 2018 Complete Coverage

We hope you get along well with Alexa, because she’ll be lurking just about everywhere this year. Amazon just unveiled 12 new smart devices, from wall clocks to microwaves, and they start as low as $25. The additions include refreshes to existing designs, like the Echo Dot and Echo Show, as well as entirely new models, like the bass-boosting Echo Sub. Audiophiles will also appreciate the Echo Link and Link Amp, which make it easier to add Alex to existing home theater systems. The microwave and wall clock sneak Alexa into your home discreetly, and a new Echo Auto allows you to bring her along for a ride in your car now, too. Check out our roundup of announcements for full details on the entire lineup.

Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen) Review

The pressure was on to make a bigger, better Echo Show device and Amazon delivered at a reasonable price.
July 10, 2021
Amazon Echo Show 2 Review

2nd-gen vs. 3rd-gen Echo Dot: What’s the difference?

What are the differences between the second- and third-gen Echo Dot? Here's our comparison of the speakers.
March 30, 2021
echo dot 2018 3rd generation

Amazon ups its smart home game with a new Echo Show, microwave, and clock

Amazon revealed a whole bunch of new smart home products at its annual hardware event in Seattle this week including a redesigned Echo Show, a smart microwave, a new security platform, and more.