Apple October 2018 Event Coverage

We’ve seen three new iPhones and an Apple Watch from Apple this year, but the company has one more event left before 2018 comes to a close. On October 30 in Brooklyn, New York City, Apple will take the wraps off new devices, heavily rumored to be a new iPad Pro, an iPad Mini, a Macbook Air, as well as a new Mac Mini.

The event will be live-streamed for the world to see what Apple has been working on. It starts up at 10 a.m. ET, which is 7 a.m. PT.

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Why get anything bigger? The new Mac Mini is all the desktop you need

Apple’s new Mac Mini doesn’t look much different from its predecessor, and it’s more expensive. Yet the changes under the hood make a case for its consideration as your new Mac. Can this entry-level machine hold its own?

Apple says some iPad Pro models ship with a slight bend, but it's no big deal

Apple has announced a new addition to its iPad range for 2018. It's called the iPad Pro, and it has a striking new design. Is this the year where you'll finally be able to ditch your laptop for an iPad?

Turn your iPad into a display for your new Mac Mini with this workaround

The folks at Luna Display have figured out a workaround which lets you get the best of both worlds and use Wi-Fi and an adapter in order to turn your iPad into a display for the 2018 Mac Mini.

The new iPad Pro is now available in stores -- here's where to get it

Apple has introduced its new lineup of iPad Pro models. If you're wondering how to get your hands on one, we have you covered. Here's everything you need to know about pricing and availability for the new iPad Pro models.

The new MacBook Air has finally landed. Is it everything we hoped it would be?

Apple finally introduced its refreshed MacBook Air after years of not updating the laptop, which prompted plenty of speculation ahead of the notebook's debut. This year, the Air comes with better performance and a modern design.

Here's what you need to know before buying a Mac Mini

Apple gave the Mac Mini a big refresh this year. The compact desktop packs a powerful punch sure to please prosumers, but at $799, the Mac Mini's higher starting price may be less appealing to budget-conscious shoppers.
Home Theater

The Apple AirPods 2 needed to come out today. Here are four reasons why

Apple announced numerous new products at its October 30 event, a lineup that included a new iPad Pro, a MacBook Air, as well as a new Mac Mini. Here are four reasons we wish a new set of AirPods were on that list.

Second-generation Apple Pencil writes a new chapter for device

Apple announced a few exciting products like a new Mac Mini, MacBook Air and iPad Pro, but it also took the wraps off of a new Apple Pencil. The second-generation Apple Pencil boasts a slightly refined design, wireless charging, and more.

iPad Pro 2018: 5 features we love, 5 features we don’t

Apple officially launched its next-generation iPad Pro. While the new iPad offers plenty of new features to be excited about, there are also changes we aren't fans of. We've rounded up a list of both.

New Macs, a faster iPad Pro, and higher prices – Here’s what Apple announced

Apple has pulled out all the stops and updated some seriously deserving lines. From new Macs to the amazingly redesigned iPad Pro, here's everything Apple announced at its October 30 event.

It’s finally here. Apple’s new MacBook Air has Touch ID and Retina for $1,199

After weeks of rumors and leaks, Apple officially revealed a new MacBook Air during an October 30 event in Brooklyn, New York. The latest Apple laptop is available on November 7 and costs $1,200. 

Apple may show off up to three new desktop iMacs on October 30

Apple has sprung a surprise event on us, even though this year has seen loads of new Apple releases. So what's left to come? Quite a lot as it turns out. Here's what to expect from Apple's October 30 event.

It’s hip to be square: New iPad Pro may take design cues from iPhone 5

The iPad Pro 2018 will drop the curved edges of its predecessors in favor of the squared-off sides found in the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone SE. The new iPad Pro is also expected to have a nearly bezel-less design.

Here’s how to watch Apple’s October 30 Mac and iPad event

Apple may have just started shipping the iPhone XR to the masses, but technology doesn't slow down ... and the next Apple event is about to take place. Here's where you can watch Apple's October 30 event for yourself.

iFixit meddles with a Mac, tests Apple’s block on third-party repairs

Apple is using new proprietary diagnostics software when repairing 2018 iMac Pro and MacBook Pro models. This locks out these products from repairs at third-party stores and forces owners with these models to get repairs at Apple.

Apple’s free ‘Everyone Can Create’ curriculum is now on Apple Books

Apple's 'Everyone Can Create' curriculum for teachers and students is now available for download on Apple Books. The program provides educators with free project guides to use with the iPad to boost student creativity and engagement.

Apple’s T2 chip may be causing issues in iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pros

Many iMac Pro owners have reportedly suffered kernel panics since they hit the market in December. You can find a handful of threads on Apple’s community forums detailing the problems and speculations about the T2 security chip.

Apple registers 10 unannounced MacBook and iPad devices overseas

French website Consomac discovered that Apple registered upcoming MacBooks and iPads with the Eurasian Economic Commission. The filings are a requirement for encrypted devices that will be sold in five countries.