Beyond the password

Passwords have been the de facto answer to computer security since the dawn of the information age, but as a string of high-profile hackings confirm, they’re far from perfect. So what’s next? In a three-part series, Digital Trends’ security expert Geoff Duncan explores the problems that plague passwords, potential replacements, and the barriers that may prevent them from ever truly disappearing.

Passwords are so last season, ‘pass-thoughts’ let you log in with your mind

In the future, you might not need to come up with and memorize complicated strings of characters to access your accounts, when all you need to do is think and your brainwaves will serve as your pass-thoughts.
April 8, 2013
uc berkeley replace passwords with pass thoughts brainwave authentication

Are smartphones the key to better online security?

Passwords are broken. But can multifactor authentication fix them? Smartphones could become the magic key necessary to make more secure next-gen authentication work.
March 24, 2013