Are you ready for a smarter home?

Unless you bought a home built within the last few years, chances are it isn’t set up well to be a smart home. Even if your home does have some speaker wire, in-ceiling speakers, and perhaps a simple security system, those systems are probably feeling a little dated compared to the flashy Internet of Things (IOT) devices and smart appliances you read about today. Such was the case for Digital Trends when we bought a new home to act as a test-bed for smart home technology reviews.

In our four-part video series, watch as we gut a once state-of-the-art home and renovate it into a modern-day technological marvel. CD and DVD players make room for Rokus and Apple TVs, FM radio is supplanted by Spotify, and a cutting-edge network banidshes little black boxes to the closet – all controlled by voice with Control4 and Amazon Alexa.

Welcome to our smart home of the future.