Cybersecurity isn’t what it used to be. Breaches and leaks, once rare and relatively low-impact, have become commonplace, rendering our personal data more vulnerable than ever. Everything from your Social Security number to your health information now lives online, and though it may prove difficult to avoid such attacks, staying up to date on the latest news and security practices is the first step in prevention. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up all our news, guides, and cybersecurity coverage in one central location.

New audio deepfake A.I. narrates Reddit threads as David Attenborough

It's the latest example of the technology being used for chuckles
David Attenborough 1

The best free antivirus software for 2020

Malware isn't fun to find on any of your devices. These are our picks for the best free antivirus solutions.
best free antivirus

Twitter expecting FTC fine of up to $250M for alleged privacy violations

Phone number and email data was used for targeted advertising

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey calls it a ‘tough day’ after major hack

The company is still trying to find out exactly how it happened
best classic simpsons episodes disney plus jack dorsey twitter ceo