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The iMac screen on a desk.

How to buy and configure a new iMac without wasting money

Apple has just a single iMac, but with the M3 update, there are a few important configurations to choose between.
Intel's 14900K CPU socketed in a motherboard.

I tested Intel’s new overclocking tool, and it does AI all wrong

Intel's new AI Assist feature, which promises higher overclocking performance with the touch of a button, doesn't seem to be doing much.
El Gigante raises its foot over Leon in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4, Death Stranding barely miss a step on iPhone and iPad

Apple's push into gaming is about to get more serious, as demos for both Resident Evil 4 and Death Stranding on the iPad and iPhone 15 left us impressed
Front of the AMD RX 7600.

This is the cheapest GPU that’s still worth buying

Not all budget graphics cards are still worth buying, but there are some rare gems that are worth your attention.
Chris Hemsworth's Thor poses with his hammer.

Is Thor: The Dark World really the worst Marvel movie?

Ten years later, the second Thor movie looks less like a low point for the MCU than a concerning harbinger of what the superhero franchise would become.
Sonic dashes away from a crab in Sonic Dream Team.

The next great Sonic the Hedgehog game may be hiding on Apple Arcade

We went hands-on with Sonic Dream Team, a promising Apple Arcade title that takes some surprising cues from Mario.
Galaxy S23 FE next to a iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Can an Android phone replace my iPhone? I found out

Does Samsung's newest Android phone offer enough for this iPhone owner to make the switch? I used it to find out. Here's what happened.
Associate Hearthstone Battlegrounds game designers Michell Loewen and Jia Dee explain how Battlegrounds Duos works at BlizzCon 2023

Hearthstone Battlegrounds devs explain how Solo and Duos modes connect

We learned more about Hearthstone Battlegrounds Duos at BlizzCon 2023, including how current Battlegrounds heroes and minions are compatible with the new mode.
The MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processor in a case.

I’m anxious and excited about this bonkers, industry-changing phone chip

MediaTek has taken a risk with its latest flagship phone processor by throwing out the established rule book. This is why I'm anxious and excited about it.
update your bios pc bsod

Your PC problem could probably be fixed with a BIOS update

A BIOS update is a critical troubleshooting step you should take with your PC, but it's shockingly skipped over all too often.
iPad Air 4

Apple needs to fix the iPad

Apple's iPads are some of the best tablets you can buy. But there's also a lingering problem with them, and Apple needs to fix it.
Ford F-150 Lightning

The F-150 Lightning excels at everything but one crucial truck task

The Ford F-150 Lightning is an excellent electric truck, and it's incredibly powerful. But there are a few things it's not great at -- like towing.
Neyrelle in Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred.

After controversial updates, Diablo 4 devs learned to prioritize fun over balance

We spoke to the team behind Diablo 4 at BlizzCon 2023 to shed some light on its DLC plans after Vessel of Hatred.
A 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger sits in a vineyard.

‘Unlimited range?’ Misleading marketing aside, the Ramcharger looks like a great truck

Ram is embracing electric technology, and while the new 1500 Ramcharger certainly doesn't offer unlimited electric range, it could well be a solid option.
Intel Arc A770 GPU installed in a test bench.

Intel’s next-gen GPUs are its first real shot at being the best

Intel has slowly been building a foundation for its next-gen Battlemage GPUs, which provide its first real shot at budget-minded PC gamers.
Apple CEO Tim Cook standing in front of four Vision Pro headsets.

The Vision Pro is the wrong product at the wrong time for Apple

Apple’s rollout of the Vision Pro could hamper its sales, a report has claimed, with a high price and in-person appointments adding to the sales friction.
The back of the Apple iPhone 15 Plus.

The iPhone 16 already sounds incredible

We may have just gotten the iPhone 15, but the iPhone 16 rumors are starting to make the rounds. Here's why it could be a very exciting upgrade next year.
Woman holding her back in pain while using a laptop.

I tried fixing my bad posture with an annoying pop-up app — and it worked

I'm always battling against poor posture, but my willpower often isn't enough to stand up straight all day. With SitApp, it's much easier.
Alan Wake looking at a projection of himself.

Don’t believe the hype — the era of native resolution gaming isn’t over

A string of PC releases has suggested that native resolution gaming is dead, but there's a little more to the conversation.
Range Rover PHEV Front Three Quarters

Car climate controls are better with a knob, but Range Rover does digital right

Physical climate controls are easier to control than digital ones -- but if companies insist on implementing digital ones, they should at least be easy to use.
You Asked Episode 9

You Asked: Dolby Atmos and EDID, minimalist soundbars, and HDMI 2.1

Just because content is available with Dolby Atmos doesn't mean you can stream it that way. Learn why, plus why you can stop worrying about HDMI 2.1 ports.
Apple's 15-inch MacBook Air placed on a desk.

5 things you should never do with your MacBook

Want to have a better time with your Apple laptop? Here are five things that can ruin your MacBook, from running out of space to overheating your device.
A still from World of Warcraft The Worldsoul Saga's reveal tralier.

Warcraft developers lay out a grand vision for the franchise’s future

Warcraft's developers told Digital Trends their vision for the franchise's future, and that includes releasing World of Warcraft expansions at a faster rate.
Lucio and other heroes attack enemies in Overwatch 2 story missions.

Despite its rocky start, I’m still optimistic about Overwatch 2’s future

Overwatch 2 hasn't exactly gone according to plan so far, but I still find myself optimistic about the shooter's future.
WhatsApp logo on a phone held in hand.

WhatsApp used to be one of my favorite apps. Now, I can’t stand it

After starting out as a hub of meaningful conversations, WhatsApp has now devolved into a digital billboard filled with spam messages and unnecessary features.
Front three quarter view of the 2023 Nissan Ariya.

Tesla Model Y vs. Nissan Ariya: Can Tesla take out Nissan’s electric crossover?

The Ariya is a big release from Nissan -- but how does it compare with the much-loved Tesla Model Y? We put the two head-to-head to find out.
Toshiba 55-inch-class C350 series 4K smart Fire TV on a gray shelf and light gray background.

The hidden costs of buying a 4K TV are way higher than you think

It's a great time to buy a 4K TV. But if you want 4K quality, count on spending a lot more every month.
The G-Shock GW-9500 Mudman on some mud and grass.

I wore a G-Shock watch that rivals the Apple Watch Ultra 2

I left my Apple Watch Ultra at home and wore a new G-Shock Mudman instead, and I saw how it could possibly replace Apple's big smartwatch.
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang with an RTX 4090 graphics card.

I’m scared of next-gen Nvidia GPUs, and you should be too

Nvidia pushes the limits of GPU performance with each new generation, but somehow, I can't find it in me to be excited for RTX 50-series.
Mauga poses in Overwatch 2.

Why Overwatch 2’s show-stealing new hero took an extra four years to debut

Blizzard originally wanted to add Mauga to Overwatch in 2019, but that never happened. Overwatch 2's developers told us why he's finally arriving in 2023.
iPhone 15 Pro in Casetify Nothing Case (left) and a Nothing Phone 2 side-by-side.

I turned my iPhone into one of 2023’s coolest Android phones

Want to make your iPhone look like one of the coolest Android phones from this year? I'll show you how.
Key art for the Alliance in Warcraft Rumble.

Warcraft Rumble devs are ready to learn from their mistakes

We spoke to the developers of Warcraft Rumble to learn more about its road to release and what's next for the mobile game.
Stadium lighting on the Alienware x16 laptop.

This is the best Alienware gaming laptop you can buy

The Alienware x16 offers great performance, an excellent keyboard, and a relatively thin package that makes it stand out among desktop replacements.
Mark as an Invincible flying above the cityscape.

Forget Loki; Invincible is the best superhero show you’re not watching right now

Invincible returns to Amazon Prime Video with the first part of its second season, proving why it's the best animated superhero show by a considerable margin.