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gamers should mine cryptocurrency easycryptohunterrig01

AMD and Nvidia have tried to limit GPU sales to crypto-miners. It isn’t working

Graphics card manufacturers may have made some attempts to limit GPU sales, but according to one mining-rig builder we spoke to, it's had no impact on his ability to acquire masses of cards.
gamers should mine cryptocurrency easycryptohunterrig01

Fed up with GPU prices? Crypto-rig builder says gamers must suck it up and mine

A cryptocurrency mining rig builder has suggested the best way for gamers to offset high graphics card prices is to mine in their spare time.
Bitcoin on computer

Google will ban cryptocurrency ads from its AdWords network in June

Google said that starting in June, its AdWords advertisement platform will no longer support ads based on cryptocurrencies and related services.
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 AMP! Edition

Leak shows cryptocurrency mining card with surprising Nvidia chip

A recent leak shows that Inno3D is gearing up to launch a graphics card dedicated to cryptocurrency mining that's based on the GTX 1080 Ti.
A render of virtual currency.

A fake startup uses initial coin offering to steal $2 million in digital coins

A startup promising a device to manage cryptocurrencies disappeared with more than $2 million in Ethereum after an initial coin offering.
qarnot cryptoheater

Yep, mining for cryptocurrency can now heat your home

French startup Quarnot just unveiled a space heater that could potentially pay for itself. Someday. It uses two GPUs to mine cryptocurrency and use the excess heat to keep you toasty during the winter.

Become a cryptocurrency master with these online Bitcoin courses

Want to learn to turn a profit trading cryptocurrency? We’ve rounded up a handful of online Bitcoin courses to help you get started.

Twitter CEO aims to overhaul verification as digital coin scams grow

During a Periscope livestream on Thursday, Jack Dorsey and David Gasca talk about overhauling Twitter's confusing verification system.
insecure cryptojacking is set to become the new malware epidemic cryptocurrency unsplash1

Cryptojacking turns your PC into a Bitcoin mine, but you won’t see a cent

Cryptojacking is the newest trend in malware, allowing hackers to steal your CPU power to mine cryptocurrency. Here’s how the biggest websites on the internet have been hacked — and what a future dominated by it could look like.

Windows Defender thwarts major malware attack directed mostly at Russian users

Microsoft said its Windows Defender platform thwarted a campaign that sought to distribute a trojan packing a cryptocurrency miner payload.
how to trade bitcoin

Japan to crack down on cryptocurrency exchanges after high-profile hacks

Japan's financial regulatory agencies are gearing up to slap punishments on cryptocurrency exchanges whose lax security measures may have cost investors hundreds of millions of dollars.
A render of virtual currency.

Digital currency prices fall after SEC warns about exchange dangers

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued a warning on Wednesday against the use of unregulated exchange platforms for cryptocurrency.
researchers use ambient light sensor data to steal browser exhausted man computer problems desk hacking hackers malware frust

Hackers target Windows clipboard to steal cryptocurrency wallet addresses

The latest email scam contains malware that will install on Windows machines and scan the clipboard for copied cryptocurrency wallet addresses.
Bitcoin Tycoon

‘Bitcoin Tycoon’ lets anyone experience the joyless grind of crypto mining

Remember Rollercoaster Tycoon? Imagine a game like that, but instead of building a theme park full of thrilling rollercoasters, you decorate a basement and fill it with Bitcoin mining equipment.
what is bitcoin

Thieves heist 600 PCs built for digital coin mining in Iceland

Between December and January, an organized group of thieves raided data centers across Iceland and stole 600 PCs dedicated to digital currency mining.
A depiction of a hacker behind a screen of code.

Beware of Thanatos, the latest cyber-extortion scam

A new ransomware infection that demands payment in Bitcoin Cash is causing problems because there's no way for even its creators to decrypt it.
Bitcoin Cash

Companies, lawyers probed for selling cryptocurrency initial coin offerings

The Securities and Exchange Commission distributed 80 subpoenas to companies, lawyers, and brokers regarding cryptocurrency initial coin offers.

Report finds millennials want to use cryptocurrency in their favorite games

A recent report published by World Asset Exchange surveyed 1,000 gamers to rate their stance on using cryptocurrency in video games.

Supposed Bitcoin co-inventor sued for more than $10 billion in cryptocurrency

A lawsuit filed in Florida alleges that Craig Wright owes the estate of Dave Kleinman billions in unpaid Bitcoins generated between 2011 and 2013.
AMD Adrenalin Edition

AMD gains ground on Nvidia thanks to cryptocurrency miners

Cryptocurrency miners continue to change the landscape of the GPU market, and it looks like they may have even pushed AMD's GPU sales to record highs.
50 cent bitcoin millionaire 50centinstagram01

50 Cent made thousands, not millions, from Bitcoin — and doesn’t have any of it

Rapper 50 Cent has corrected the original story of him being a Bitcoin millionaire in court documents, which suggest he never handled it at all.
Graphics cards in a crypto mining farm.

Mining Bitcoin in the cloud is like renting a money printer and yes, it’s bizarre

HashFlare's cloud mining platform may be as vulnerable to cryptocurrency crashes as any other, but it claims its two million-plus customers have turned a profit.
A render of virtual currency.

IRS forces Coinbase to cough up tax data of 13,000 digital coin traders

Coinbase recently distributed an email stating that it must comply with the IRS and send tax-related data regarding 13,000 digital coin traders.
bitcoin lets you nab steep discounts on Amazon if you pay with Bitcoin

Purse wants to help users save money on Amazon purchases while providing a means for others to earn Bitcoins.
bitcoin creator satoshi nakamoto revealed 3670 3 7 fe0108 04

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, cryptocurrency’s elusive creator?

Since its creation almost a decade ago, bitcoin has transformed the world of modern finance as the first form of decentralized digital currency. But who is the man responsible for creating it?
A render of virtual currency.

Robinhood lures digital coin traders from Coinbase with a free service

Robinhood Markets now offers a service for buying and selling Bitcoins and Ethereum without a per-share trading fee, but the availability is limited.
bitcoin stock

A Bitcoin exchange bug sees one user try to cash out $20 trillion

One buyer who took advantage of a bug in a Bitcoin exchange's system is attempting to cash out $20 trillion, more than 100 times the entire global market value of Bitcoin.

Amid cryptocurrency frenzy, South Korea affirms support for ‘normal’ trading

The South Korean government enacted regulations that will require all cryptocurrency accounts to be associated with real identities.
government monero

Salon will mine digital currency on your PC if you opt to disable ads

Visitors on that don't want to see advertisements have two options: Purchase the paid mobile app for Android and iOS, or let the company mine digital coins on your PC. The move is to secure revenue due to the heavy use of ad blocker plugins in modern web browsers.
government monero

Government websites fall prey to a plugin injected with a digital coin miner

On Sunday, someone hacked a popular website plugin and inserted Coinhive's controversial Monero digital coin mining script. More than 4,200 websites used this plugin spanning government, organizations, and educational institutions across the globe. One Monero coin is worth $238.
Bitcoin Cash

BitGrail cryptocurrency exchange loses $170 million in Nano tokens

An Italian cryptocurrency exchange, Bitgrail, has reportedly lost $170 million worth of Nano tokens. Law enforcement officials are currently investigating the matter.
online porn addicting erectile dysfunction 59187043  button on the computer keyboard

Adult content domains are home to half the sites using cryptomining malware

The act of cryptomining, by hijacking a user's CPU without permission to create new cryptocurrency, is expanding rapidly. The vast majority of sites containing the intrusive software are ones that offer adult content.

CryptoCelebs: Famous people who’ve bought the cryptocurrency craze

The last few years has seen some of the most popular people in the world use their immense celebrity to endorse cryptocurrencies in a variety of ways.
weirdest cryptocurrencies aaron s 499  practice

Insane in the blockchain: 15 ridiculous cryptocurrencies you’ve never heard of

Bitcoin and Ethereum are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cryptocurrencies. You wouldn't believe how many ridiculous, silly, and downright stupid digital tokens are on the market these days. Here's a quick tour of the most outrageous ones.