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5g feature image

5G is safe, international panel of experts confirms

A panel of international experts has announced that 5G in the U.S. and Europe does not pose a health risk, after updating its radiation exposure guidelines.
apple watch stroke study series 5 ecg

Thanks to the Apple Watch, time may be up for this silent killer

Apple wants to know if its Apple Watch can reduce the risk of stroke by detecting early signs of AFib through a new stroke study with Johnson & Johnson.

Wahoo Kickr BIKE: Become a cyclist from your living room

Wahoo is pushing the fitness industry to new heights with the Kickr BIKE. Taking indoor cycling to a level of immersion that will make you wonder if you ever need to ride outside again. The Kickr BIKE will impress anyone looking to stay fit while indoors.
casio pro trek prt b50 hands on features price photos release date pocket

Weekend hikers need the connected Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 watch on their wrist

The Casio Pro Trek PRT-B50 connected watch is great for weekend hikers and outdoorsy people. It's not a full smartwatch, but makes the most of the connection to your phone, and offers fitness tracking and navigation functions. At $200, it fits neatly into Casio's growing range of connected watches.
honor magicwatch 2 hands on features price photos release date face

Honor’s MagicWatch 2 wins at fitness tracking, but fails to set itself apart

The Honor MagicWatch 2 closely resembles the Huawei Watch GT 2 in design and features, yet costs considerably less. Does this make it the smartwatch to buy at the moment? We've been wearing it to find out, and although the fitness tracking is great, the rest of the smartwatch features still need work.
Withings ScanWatch

The best health gadgets of CES 2020 combat dyslexia, sleep apnea, and more

Technology can be a powerful tool for change, and in the right hands it can boost human health, help us cope with pain, and find new ways to treat old ailments. We've gathered some of the best health gadgets we've seen so far at CES 2020 in this roundup that deal with such conditions as dyslexia and sleep apnea.
cropped shot of fitness woman working out on exercise bike at the gym. female exercising on bicycle in health club, focus on legs.

Best fitness skills for your Alexa speaker to help you get into shape

Alexa can help you get healthy, lose weight and stay fit throughout the year thanks to her multitude of great skills. Some skills can help you keep track of water consumption and fitness goals, while others provide guided workouts anywhere you can take your Alexa speaker. Here are the best skills.
bowflex spring sale save 1000 hvt

Bowflex slashes hundreds off treadmills, Max Trainers, and more for your 2020 workout goals

With the new year comes a reset of goals, making resolutions, and opportunities to start anew. If getting into shape is one of your New Year’s resolutions, Bowflex has the sale for you.
layla adjustable base one touch featured

This new adjustable bed is smart enough to combat snoring and give massages

Layla is one of our favorite brands for its two-sided mattress and high-quality bedding. Now, it is offering an adjustable bed base in both the basic model and the plus model, which works with your smart home, lights up at night, and even vibrates so you can fall asleep to a massage.
Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct review: A budget smartwatch for adventurers

The Garmin Instinct has a price you can't resist and a feature set that begs you to get outside. It's durable, offers fitness and health tracking features, and can help you navigate. Is this affordable adventure watch worth your hard-earned cash? We tested it in the rugged mountains of Maine to find out.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 review: A bite out of Apple

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 rounds out Samsung's watch lineup well, offering Android users the essential functionalities and price of an Apple Watch Sport. Adding ECG, LTE, and some new third-party app integrations, its biggest competitors are its own Galaxy Watch siblings and its predecessor.
black friday cyber monday fitness deals bowflex working out

Best Cyber Monday fitness deals ending soon: Bowflex, NordicTrack, and Theragun

This Cyber Monday, find great deals on bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, and of course a ton of fitness-centric smartwatches. While stock is limited, we've double-checked all the deals we've uncovered, they remain in stock. But don't wait too long.
black friday mattress toppers zinus topper

Black Friday 2019: Best Deals on Mattress Toppers

Digital Trends is all about giving you a great deal, and this Black Friday, you don't have to sacrifice sleep in order to get a great deal. In fact, we're giving you deals to help you get a better night's sleep. Check out all the best deals on mattress toppers during Black Friday 2019.
Sleep Number It Bed review

Does tracking your sleep actually help you sleep better? We asked an expert

The modern age just isn't conducive to getting restful sleep. There's a myriad of companies that proclaim their sleep trackers and programs to be catalysts for real sleep improvement. But are they actually making things worse? We asked an expert and we didn't get the answer of our dreams.

Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Review: Small watch, big deal

Garmin didn't disappoint with its new Fenix 6 outdoor watches adding power-saving battery modes, a new pace calculator and even solar charging in select models. We've enjoyed hands-on time with the Fenix 6S Pro, the smallest model in the Fenix series, and discovered that size definitely doesn't matter.
spincitis amsterdam e bike offers speed and range at an affordable price spinciti 1

Spinciti’s Amsterdam e-bike offers speed and range at an affordable price

Spinciti makes a splashy entry into the competitive e-bike market by introducing the Amsterdam, a model that offers three electric motor options, a high level of comfort, and a solid 50-mile range -- all at an affordable price that starts at $999. The Amsterdam is expected to ship in March 2020.
exercise bike cycle fitness walmart deals schwinn bikes

Walmart features pre-Black Friday deals on Schwinn exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are a great way to get high-quality cardio workouts without the damaging impact on joints from running or jogging. Stationary bikes are also a great addition to your home gym because you can use them any time, regardless of the weather outside. Walmart has some deals on Schwinn exercise bikes right now.
blood biomarker pain indiana university injection

Injectable electrodes may help treat everything from chronic pain to depression

A new drug-free treatment for health conditions ranging from chronic pain to epileptic seizures or depression could be on the horizon -- and it involves an innovative (and somewhat cyborg-like) approach involving injectable electrodes. Here's how the breakthrough treatment works.
honor band 5 trusleep sleep tracking review

The Honor Band 5 is a cheap answer to the Apple Watch’s lack of sleep tracking

Frustrated by the Apple Watch’s lack of sleep tracking, but love it for everything else? Yes, us too, but we’ve found a solution that doesn’t involve messing around with an app. The Honor Band 5 with TruSleep technology seems to be highly effective, and it can be had for a really cheap price.
Google search engine on tablet

Google is secretly gathering personal health data on millions of Americans

Google is reportedly working alongside one of the nation's largest health care systems to collect and analyze the personal health information of Americans across 21 states. The joint effort with the St. Louis-based company Ascension began last year, but increased dramatically over this summer and fall.
Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon’s Echo Buds might be getting a fitness-tracking feature

Only days after the official retail availability of the Amazon Echo Buds, a newly spotted section of the Alexa app suggests that the $130 true wireless earbuds could receive a fitness tracking feature in the near future. With Google's recent acquisition of Fitbit, it could signal the start of a fitness showdown.
Moshi Twilight

Can an app help your kids to sleep? I tested Moshi Twilight to find out

Many kids have trouble falling asleep after the lights go out, but the Moshi Twilight app is purposely designed to carry them off to the land of nod with special sleep stories. I tested it out with my seven-year-old daughter and spoke to the Mind Candy CEO to find out more about how it was developed.
Versa 2

Why would Google want to buy Fitbit?

Why would Google want to buy Fitbit? Though Fitbit is a big player in the wearables market, it is struggling to transition from fitness trackers to smartwatches. Google's Wear OS has not given it much of a foothold, and it has smartwatch ambitions. Could this be a marriage made in heaven or a disaster?
facebook preventative health tool web

Facebook reminds users to get flu shots, limits reach of anti-vax posts

Flu season is coming -- and Facebook wants to keep users on top of flu vaccines and preventative tests for cancer and heart disease. Facebook's Preventive Health tool allows users to set reminders when it's time to get a test and find nearby federally funded locations.

The best white noise machines

Are noisy neighbors or late-night traffic interfering with your sleep? Does the overwhelming silence in your bedroom make you restless? White noise machines can mask the noise and help you snooze easily. Here are some of the best around, whether you need to doze while traveling or keep your baby asleep.
Samsung Galaxy Fit Hands-on review

Samsung Galaxy Fit review

Samsung’s going toe-to-toe against Fitbit’s Inspire HR with its own $99 fitness tracker -- the Galaxy Fit. It also has a heart rate monitor, can automatically detect six workouts, shows you all the notifications from your phone, and has a battery that can last for days -- all in a small package.
new year mattress deals casper 1

These are the best Columbus Day sales to save you money on bedding

This Columbus Day, you can save yourself money while you make your bedroom look and feel totally different. From unique and interesting quilts to sales on some of our favorite mattress brands, sleep better and easier as we settle into fall with these bedding deals.
zone 5 ventures zone5diagram

Zone 5 Ventures wants to make it easier for companies to access sports data

Sports technology is ripe for innovation but many ideas don't make it past the drawing board. Zone 5 Ventures wants to change all that with a customizable, cloud-based platform for importing and analyzing sports data that makes it easy for a company to connect fitness data to a custom app or web experience.
columbus day mattress deals sealy response performance

Home Depot Slashes Up To 30% Off Mattresses For Columbus Day Weekend

Whether you call it Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples' Day or you're just annoyed you still have to show up to work, you can cash in on the savings and get to sleep easier on a new mattress. Through Oct. 18, Home Depot is offering up to 30% off select mattresses.
mirror at home gym experience smart lifestyle 6147

Forget the gym. Mirror brings one-on-one personal training to your living room

Mirror, a fitness-focused smart mirror, now offers one-on-one personal training in your home by utilizing the device's two-way video and audio. The service starts at $40 per session. Mirror users can also try out personalized workouts based on their biometric data with a $39 per month subscription service.
apple watch series 5 review crop

Apple may have leaked its own Apple Watch Sleep in the App Store

Apple has been rumored to be adding sleep tracking to the Apple Watch for some time now, though the feature was strangely absent from the Apple Watch Series 5 launch. Apple, however, may have leaked the existence of an upcoming Sleep app in a screenshot of another Apple Watch app.
toro y moi and endel talk the future of music digital wellness toroymoi getty

How Endel and Toro y Moi are shaping the future of music and digital wellness

Playlists to focus, sleep, and relax are booming on streaming platforms. Similarly, a host of smart home products aim to affect your wellbeing in similar ways. Endel has a vision to unify these in a way that's always unique to you. Companies like Apple and Warner Music, as well as Toro y Moi see it too.
Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure lets you break a sweat with Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is getting a new experience designed to help you stay in shape. Ring Fit Adventure uses your body's movement to move through a world and defeat dangerous enemies. It makes use of the Joy-Con controllers for special ring and leg strap accessories, and is appropriate for all fitness levels.
Withings Move ECG

Withings Move ECG review: An affordable electrocardiogram alternative

The Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $400, and while it’s feature-packed, the highlight is the electrocardiogram, which has the potential to save lives. Withings’ Move ECG has the same capability but at a fraction of the cost. It’s not as smart as the Apple Watch, but it works on Android and iOS as well.