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google is planning to test drones for fighting fires firefighting

Google is planning to test drones for fighting fires

Google is already testing drone delivery services via its Wing unit, but now the company is considering using the same technology for fighting fires.
nanits smart sheet will measure your childs height overhead hero pro sheets

No need to estimate: Nanit’s smart sheet precisely measures your baby’s height

The Nanit Smart Sheet and Nanit Pro camera provide parents with information on their child's height and growth that you can provide to the pediatrician.
ceramic ink 3d printed bones bioprinting australia 2

Ceramic ink could let doctors 3D print bones directly into a patient’s body

The future of surgery may include the 3D printing of bones, and it comes courtesy of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.
Neuro leg experiment

Clever ‘nerve hacking’ prosthetic tricks your brain to make limbs feel lighter

How do you make a prosthesis feel more comfortable for the people who need to use them day in, day out? This tech could help.
aktiia blood pressure monitor automatically tracks your bp

Most promising blood pressure monitoring tech in years isn’t out in the U.S. yet

Heart disease is the silent killer, but the Aktiia Blood Pressure Monitor gives you a tool in the fight that helps you track your blood pressure at all times.
samsung galaxy s21 ultra review apps screen

Samsung’s new display tech makes the Galaxy S21 Ultra even more power efficient

Turns out the Galaxy S21 Ultra has an even better display than we thought. Samsung says the display employs new tech that makes it up to 16% more efficient.
worlds largest solar farms longyangxia dam park 2

High temperatures and a diamond anvil could lead to a solar cell breakthrough

There's still more work to be done, but this is an exciting breakthrough in materials science for better solar cells.
electric car plugged in

Federal vehicles to go green as President Biden promises electric fleet

America's entire federal vehicle fleet will be replaced by U.S.-made electric models, President Joe Biden announced on Monday.
apple fitness time to walk news release

Influencers will keep you company as part of Apple’s new Time to Walk program

Apple's new Time to Walk program invites you to walk alongside "influential and interesting people." Laugh, cry, and find inspiration as the miles fly by.
A depiction of the iodine thruster developed by ThrustMe being used to change the orbit of a small satellite.

This iodine satellite propulsion system could help reduce space debris

A new iodine propulsion system for small satellites was recently used for the first time to change the orbit of a satellite.
data shows increase in household energy use 2020 sense home monitor feature 625x417 c

Household electrical usage increased in 2020. Here’s how a smart home can help

Due to heatwaves, the pandemic, and wildfires across much of the country, energy usage increased nationwide for an increase of $1.21 billion in costs.

This artificial heart could help keep people on transplant waiting lists alive

A French company called Carmat has created an artificial heart that could potentially save the lives of people with end-stage biventricular heart failure.
elon musk stylized image

Elon Musk announces $100M prize for carbon-capture technology contest

With climate change on his mind, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has announced a $100-million prize for a carbon-capture technology contest.
finding rover facial recognition app dog face big eyes

Clever new A.I. system promises to train your dog while you’re away from home

A prototype device is able to give out canine commands, check to see if they’re being obeyed, and then provide a treat as a reward when they are.
The Apple Watch SE is worn on a wrist with apps showing on the display.

Apple Watch could be used to detect coronavirus infections

A study by researchers at New York's Mount Sinai hospital shows how Apple Watches could spot a coronavirus infection before a diagnosis.
ces livingpackets the box shipping

The Box is an answer to the unstoppable cardboard pile-up in your house

This e-commerce solution could reduce waste, increase security. But will anyone use it?
Tech for Change Awards Feature

Digital Trends Tech For Change CES 2021 Awards

Of all the world-changing technologies and innovative ideas on display at CES 2021, these four impressed us the most.

This clever attachment gives any powered wheelchair autonomous superpowers

This smart tech can help powered wheelchairs avoid accidents. That's a much bigger problem to solve than you might imagine.
The Toto Wellness Toilet would analyze your diet through your bowel movements.

Got poop? Toto’s Wellness Toilet promises health advice based on poop analysis

In a time when hygiene is the primary focus, Toto's touchless technology in bathrooms reduces the potential for bacteria to spread.
Widex Moment hearing aids.

New A.I. hearing aid learns your listening preferences and makes adjustments

One of the picks for this year’s CES 2021 Innovation Awards is a smart hearing aid that uses A.I. to improve the audio experience in a couple of crucial ways.

Futuristic new appliance uses A.I. to sort and prep your recycling

Hate sorting the recycling? This machine will do the time-saving (and planet-saving) job on your behalf.
Razer Project Hazel smart mask

Razer’s high-tech face mask filters air and amplifies your voice, Bane-style

Featuring glowing RGB lights and an airtight seal, Razer calls Project Hazel the world's smartest face mask.
coronavirus covid tech prevention ces 2021 misty robot

Tech for Change: At CES 2021, new devices and tech aim to help beat COVID-19

A variety of innovative tech companies and products coming to CES 2021 can help beat the novel coronavirus. Here’s a look at a few to keep your eyes on.
ces 2021 drlupo 3juerakw

DrLupo shares how gamers worked together to raise over $2M for St. Jude

DrLupo is one of the biggest names in gaming, and he joins us to talk about gaming for charity.
language barrier real time translation ces 2021 ambassador interpreter lifestyle 3

Tech for Change: New gadgets at CES 2021 finally bridge the language barrier

Tech has turned us all into travelers these days, but language remains a challenging topic -- one tech is actively tackling.
The AcquaTap from Exaeris

Tech for Change: At CES 2021, tech promises to create clean, pure water for all

Some 20% of people lack access to drinking water and corporations around the globe contaminate more water than they ever purify. Fortunately, tech can help.
Valencell sensor.

A blood-pressure sensor is the holy grail for wearables. Valencell has one

Biometric company Valencell says it can measure your blood pressure from your wrists and fingers and ears with PPGs, truly transforming our wearable devices.
this clever skipper assist tech offers crash free boat docking volvo penta assisted technology

Volvo Penta’s skipper-assist tech offers crash-free boat docking

Some wannabe skippers may be put off boating by the tricky process of docking (well, that and the steep cost). This impressive new technology can help.
watch samsungs clever home robot lay the table and pour wine samsung bot handy

Watch Samsung’s clever home robot set the table and pour wine

Meet Bot Handy, Samsung's work-in-progress home robot that can load a dishwasher, lay the table, and perhaps most importantly, pour a glass of wine.

Get this smartphone scope and you might never have to visit an optometrist again

There's no longer a reason to leave your home to get a vision check for new glasses. Here's how VisionCheck 2 works.
ces voy tunable eyeglasses eyewear vision voy1

These tunable eyeglasses let you adjust focus on demand

Why settle for bifocals when you could be wearing glasses that can be refocused to suit the situation? That's the idea behind Voy eyeglasses.
samsung galaxy upcycling at home ces 2021 smartthings

Samsung’s new upcycling program turns your old phone into a SmartThings device

Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Upcycling at Home initiative, which is aimed at helping users use their old phones as SmartThings devices.
Nobi Smart Lamp

Nobi smart lamp senses movement to discern when older people are in distress

The Nobi Smart Lamp uses onboard A.I. algorithms to monitor older loved ones and alert emergency services if they fall or face other risks.
themis smart mirror analyzes skin stress ces 2021 careos  welcome

Themis Smart Mirror analyzes skin and stress levels to promote wellness

CareOS wants to disrupt the health and wellness market with the Themis Smart Mirror, a wellness companion for your bathroom or spa.