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apple charger environmental benefits iphone 11 cable

Will Apple’s ‘eco-friendly’ plan to nix chargers actually help the environment?

Apple claims its decision to discontinue shipping charger bricks with new iPhones was ecologically motivated. But how much of an impact will it really have?
Decoy turtle eggs

GPS-tracking, 3D-printed decoy eggs can help root out illegal poachers

How do you make battling poachers more proactive and less reactive? With 3D-printed decoy eggs that reveal the whereabouts of thieves, of course.
mercedes benzs first e scooter is rugged and foldable merc 2

Mercedes-Benz rolls into micromobility market with foldable e-scooter

Mercedes-Benz has launched its first electric scooter, a rugged two-wheeler with a top speed of 12 mph and a 15-mile range.
2021 Volkswagen ID.4

2021 Volkswagen ID.4 electric car prototype drive: A crowd-pleaser

The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 is VW's attempt to finally bring electric cars to the masses. So what's it like to drive? We took a spin around the block to find out.
iPhone iOS 14 front panel layout.

Major iOS 14 accessibility features benefit everyone

The launch of iOS 14 has brought several high-profile accessibility features into the mainstream. We give you the lowdown on how to take advantage of them.
brain control the user interface of future eeg headset

Amazing wearable could detect epileptic seizures an hour before they strike

Tech could help users to prepare for seizures such as falls or other injuries that might arise from epilepsy sufferers being caught unawares.
flightradar24 tracking drone flights project north korean activists

Shotgun-wielding indoor drone could enter places too dangerous for human troops

The U.K.’s Ministry of Defence is developing twin shotgun-toting drones that are able to fly indoors, as well as identify targets using machine vision.
jetpack paramedic flying through the air

Watch this pilot test a jetpack for a ‘flying paramedic’ service

It might not be too long before paramedics are flying through the air using jetpacks after a recent test flight in the U.K. demonstrated the possibility.
roku ultra vs amazon fire tv nvidia shield apple siri

Your A.I. smart assistant could one day tell if you’re lonely

A.I. assistants can answer questions, cue up songs, and make restaurant reservations. Could they also be used to diagnose loneliness?

Personal power generator harvests energy from the breeze you make when you walk

You won't be carrying around a wind turbine anytime soon. But this tiny device captures energy from the wind using the triboelectric effect.
Alexa Care Hub

Alexa Care Hub helps families to keep track of loved ones’ interactions

The Alexa Care Hub allows family members to set up dedicated connections. If a loved one asks Alexa for help, Alexa will notify their set emergency contact.

A smartphone app for diagnosing autism could soon win FDA approval

App's creators hope that it could enable children with autism to be identified younger, thereby getting the help they need sooner.
how to unlock your iphone use with another carrier t mobile hq sign feat 720x720

T-Mobile joins the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration

T‑Mobile announced a series of initiatives to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated annually in the U.S. from September 15 to October 15.
vhista iphone app juan david cruz background 1

Engineer’s Vhista app helps blind people to move around the world

From Silicon Valley, Colombian Juan David Cruz tells us why he created the Vhista App, a tool that gives vision to the blind via the iPhone.
microwave a sponge baby

A.I. could play a vital role in the birth of tomorrow’s IVF children

A new A.I. tool could help embryologists select the optimal embryo for IVF treatment. In doing so, it could help increase the chance of fertility success.
Biopaste 3D printing

Printable wood biopaste could be the sustainable future of 3D printing

Researchers may have found a way to make 3D printing a bit more environmentally friendly — by printing with a new wood-based biopaste material.
coronavirus render stylized image

Your wearables can soon help contact trace coronavirus outbreaks

New additions to coronavirus exposure notification systems will use Bluetooth-based wearables.
7 products to turn your living room into a home theater amazon fire tv stick

Amazon rolls out Text Banner for Fire TV viewers with impaired vision

To help visually impaired Fire TV viewers, Amazon rolled out Text Banner, a feature that consolidates onscreen text in a fixed location, within a compact space.
mighty buildings 3d print house 5

This startup says it will be 3D-printing entire houses within a year

Is 3D printing the future of housebuilding? It certainly will be if new startup Mighty Buildings, which launched from stealth mode this week, has its way.
fbi wants social media data facebook app mem2

Facebook’s automated hate speech detection is getting even better

Facebook's latest Community Standards Enforcement Report reveals it now detects 95% of hate speech content automatically.
Hyundai announces Ioniq EV brand

Hyundai launching all-electric brand, with three models on the way

Hyundai just announced a new dedicated brand for electric cars. The brand is called Ioniq, and it will launch with three vehicles over the next four years.
iphone xr instagram

The rise of ‘swipe-up’ activism on Instagram

Instagram users are sharing links to prewritten emails, the latest viral way to spread social activism amid U.S. protests against racism and police brutality.
Alexis Ohanian

Reddit co-founder steps down from board, calls for his successor to be Black

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian announced his resignation from the company's board, urging the remaining board members to appoint a Black replacement.
3D lidar map Mayan settlement

Thanks to lidar, archeologists discovered a giant new Mayan ruins site

Researchers at the University of Arizona in Tucson used an airborne lidar system to discover a gigantic Mayan ceremonial ground.
Tim Cook WWDC 2019

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks out about racism, calls for change

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about racism and called to build a better future. Cook wrote that Apple would be donating to organizations fighting racial inequality.
haptic speaker midair braille

Amazing haptic speaker lets visually impaired people read braille in midair

Investigators are developing a special speaker system that emits ultrasound waves with the purpose of letting visually impaired people read braille in midair.

Wind and solar? Old news. California wants to vaporize trash to create energy

A forthcoming facility in California promises to transform tens of thousands of tons of landfill garbage into hydrogen each year. It hopes to be running by 2023.

The blueprint sprint: How a ragtag team of techies hacked the ventilator shortage

When COVID-19 threatened to result in a massive shortage of ventilators in Portland, Oregon, a team of engineers and physicians banded together to try and help.

Tesla’s new million-mile battery could finally make electric cars affordable

The low-cost batteries would be able to last up to million miles and could make electric Tesla models the same price or even less than a car run by gasoline.
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University

Soft robot exosuit helps people improve their walking after suffering a stroke

A robot exosuit developed by Harvard and Boston University researchers can help people who have suffered from strokes. Here's how.
amazons custom made face shields will be available to the public amazon shield

Amazon’s custom-made face shields available to the public at less than cost

Amazon will donate 3D-printed, medical-grade face shields to health care workers before making them available to the general public for a third of market price.
Razer vending machine selling masks

Razer to use vending machines to distribute millions of free face masks

The gaming hardware maker will deploy 20 of the machines in Singapore where the authorities have ordered everyone to wear a mask outside during the pandemic.
gosun flow solar power water purifier news

For thirsty campers, GoSun’s water purifier purges germs with power of the sun

The GoSun Flow can purify and heat water via solar power or USB. Its portability means you can have access to clean water no matter where you are.
stroma medical laser eye color change surgery

Gene therapy helps people with monochrome vision to see in color

Researchers in Germany have demonstrated that a new gene therapy can be used to help cure an extremely rare type of color blindness.