Titanfall roundup: All the news in one place

After much hype and anticipation, Titanfall has arrived for the PC and Xbox One, with the Xbox 360 version coming on March 25.

The game has been generating interest since the very moment it was first introduced. Titanfall is the work of Respawn Entertainment, the development studio created by the original founders and several members of Infinity Ward, the team behind Call of Duty. Because of that, the pedigree was never in question, and so neither was the amount of attention on the game.

More than that though, it is the biggest Xbox console exclusive to date, and Microsoft is hoping it will be the killer app that helps to generate a spike in sales of the Xbox One. And there is a very good chance that it will do just that.

With that in mind we present this landing page collecting all of the Titanfall news, guides, and review.  If you are looking for PC specs, scroll down. Hoping for some general tricks on surviving the multiplayer-only game? We have you covered. We also have several specific guides on the individual aspects of the game, including break downs on things like the “Burn Cards” (modifiers you earn and can use once), as well as the weapons, maps, and more.

Keep checking back here frequently as well. The game has a lot of aspects to it, and we’ll be exploring them all.

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