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Foursquare 2.0 pushes the boundaries, improves To-Do lists

The latest version includes a new layout for To-Do lists and Tips. The service has also added an “Add to My Foursquare” button that third-party sites can add to their Web sites.

All these changes are aimed at helping users discover places and locations more easily and expand the service beyond traditional “check-ins”.

Tips and To-Do lists get a major overhaul:

In Foursquare 2.0, Tips and To-Do lists have their own sections. By implementing these changes, Foursquare is aiming to help make it easier for users to track and remember all the cool places they want to visit. In addition, these two features will appear more prominently through the application.

Now here’s the cool part: After adding a location to one’s To-Do List, a ‘dog ear’ for that place appears in the nearby places list when in the area. Foursquare has ensured that items don’t just whither on your To-Do list, but that the application will actually help you discover them in the future.

“Add to My Foursquare” helps bridge online and offline discovery:

The new button that anyone can add to their website can be clicked when browsing the Web and thereby saved to a To-Do list. The button can be found today on sites such as Eater and Racked. Expect to see it implemented widely in coming weeks.

Foursquare 2.0 is only available for the iPhone, but updates for Blackberry and Android phones are coming in a few weeks.