John Oliver challenges the FCC chairman to sincerely prove he’s not a dingo

Two weeks ago, John Oliver explained Net Neutrality so well that it crashed the FCC’s comments page. That’s since been disputed, with the agency saying that it was hit with a database denial of service (DoS) attack. However, since the details remain murky, and with the FCC failing to keep its story straight, we’re sticking with the explanation that involves Internet trolls coming to the aid of the Internet.

As the July 27 deadline for commenting on the FCC’s Net neutrality proposals draws near, the issue is proving to be a comedic gold mine. During an open meeting last week, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler may have unwittingly uttered the funniest sentence to ever air on C-Span.

“You know, I would like to state for the record that I’m not a dingo,” he said. The statement was in response to Oliver’s previous Net neutrality segment, which likened his FCC appointment to hiring a dingo as a babysitter.

The unintentionally hilarious denial set off a new line of questioning from Oliver, who had his doubts about Wheeler’s non-dingoness.

“Here’s the thing. That’s exactly the kind of thing a dingo would say if he didn’t want anyone to know he was a dingo,” he said. “Now, I have lots more questions, Wheeler. Have you, at any time, ever consumed a swamp wallaby for it’s nutrients?”

Oliver finished his segment by issuing a personal challenge, arguing that the burden of proof has shifted in the debate. “Unless you can produce an official document verified by licensed zoologists, certified that you are in fact not a 100 percent talking dingo, I don’t think you can complain if Americans refuse to leave you alone in rooms with their babies,” he said.

If you want to watch Oliver question Tom Wheeler’s biological makeup, you can check out the excerpt from his show below. You can also contribute comments on the FCC’s Net neutrality proposals through

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