Brandon Widder

Brandon Widder

Brandon Widder is a multimedia journalist and a staff writer for Digital Trends where he covers technology news, how-to guides, best-of pieces and more. In his free time, he moonlights as a freelance music writer for the Portland alt-weekly, Willamette Week, and other publications in the Pacific Northwest. He is currently based out of Portland, OR.
Emerging Tech

Cerevo’s XON Snow-1 smart bindings let you pop the proper nollie with metrics

Debuting at CES 2015 Unveiled, Cerevo's first run of smart bindings use a bevy of on-board sensors to feed your smartphone information pertaining to your weight distribution, speed, acceleration, and much more.
Emerging Tech

Rollkers ‘walking skates’ strap onto your shoes, let you glide along at 7 mph

Showcased at CES 2015 Unveiled, Rollkers' motorized "under shoes" let you move at the speed of your average travelator by simply walking or strolling as you would normally across the floor.

Spruce it up: How to change your Gmail Inbox theme

Want to jazz up your favorite online email client? Check out our guide on how change your Gmail inbox theme, endowing your messages with rolling shots of the country or one of many user-submitted photos.
Home Theater

Make your TV sound as big as it looks with these excellent sound bar systems

You no longer have to sacrifice sound for size when selecting an audio component for your home theater system. Check out our current picks for the best sound bars, whether you're looking for a multi-piece system or an elegant, standalone…