Charles J. Simon

Charles J. Simon

Charles J. Simon, BSEE, MSCS, a uniquely qualified, nationally-recognized computer software/hardware expert and neural network pioneer is also a successful author and speaker. His combined development experience in CPUs, neurological test equipment and artificial intelligence software enabled him to create this book. Previous publications include a book on Computer Aided Design, and numerous technical articles and book contributions with write-ups in Newsweek and other media. Personal interests include: sailing, being one of the few to captain a North American Continent Circumnavigation via the Arctic Northwest Passage and a World Circumnavigation. His philanthropic interests include science centers, art museums, and sailing education programs. Charles and his wife, Cathy, now split their time between the East and West Coasts.

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Computers will soon outsmart us. Does that make an A.I. rebellion inevitable?

At this point, the question isn’t so much “if” AI will ever surpass humans in terms of thinking abilities, it’s “when.” What happens when we reach that point? Charles J. Simon attempts to answer that question in his upcoming…