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Dan Gaul

Dan is the co-founder and CTO of Digital Trends. He heads up IT, software development along with Ad Ops. Past employers include Microsoft and RealNetworks.

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A flexible iPhone 8 and Microsoft’s heavy handed installer

Today on DT Daily we look a few years ahead to a potentially flexible iPhone 8. Also a warning to Windows 7 and 8 users, Microsoft may try and sneak Windows 10 onto your machine.
Emerging Tech

Google uses its Street View cars to sniff out gas leaks in US cities

Mindful that Google's Street View cars cover thousands of miles of roads in a methodical and organized way, an environmental agency recently contacted the Web company to suggest fitting the vehicles with sensors to detect potential hazards…

Report finds iPhone 4S Internet use fastest on AT&T

A new report from Metrico Wireless finds not all carriers with the iPhone are equal: for heavy data, Verizon is the most reliable, Sprint has the best call quality, and AT&T is the fastest.

Asus Ultrabooks, now dubbed Zenbooks, go on sale October 12

The UX21 and UX31 Zenbooks will offer speedy bootup, long battery life and ultra-thin profiles.
Emerging Tech

Google uses a heap of power, says it’s green

Despite its size, the company is more efficient and cleaner than ever.

PayPal records $100,000 in checks deposited via iPhone

PayPal's recently updated check-depositing iPhone application is a huge success with consumers, depositing over $100,000 in checks through the application in its first 36 hours.