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how to make candles final

How to make candles in your microwave

Like DIY projects? You can make candles using a few random items that most people already have lying around the house.
how to upgrade playstation 4 xbox one external hard drive header

What you should know before using an external hard drive on Xbox One or PS4

Increasing your console's storage is easy. Here's everything you need to know, including instructions on how to choose the proper hard drive.
safetech lawsuit password safety quicklock

New York attorney general settles with Quicklock maker amid password concerns

The New York attorney general's office took legal action against a security company for failing to encrypt and protect consumer passwords.
startup eliminate need for real estate agents home sale sold sign

For sale by owner: This startup could eliminate the need for real estate agents

A startup company called Houzeo wants to use technology to make it easier and cheaper for people to sell their own homes.
smart home tech failures spinning ice cream cone

Tech fails: 5 smart home products that failed miserably

The evolution of the "smart home" brought with it a window of opportunity for entrepreneurs -- some of which were less than successful.
shapescale tells you where youre losing weight actual3

ShapeScale tells you where your body is losing and gaining weight

A new scale called ShapeScale recently hit the market, and it tells you exactly where and how your body is losing and gaining weight.
soundfloat keeps phone dry in the water soundfloat2

Soundfloat inflatable chair keeps your phone dry in the pool

This inflatable chair solves a big problem people face in the summertime, as it keeps phones dry at the beach and in the pool.
Virtual Assistants: Cortana

Cortana, turn on the lights! Leak shows Microsoft getting into home automation

Microsoft plans to compete with Alexa in the smart home automation game by adding a "Home Hub" feature to Windows 10 PCs.
samsung flexwash two laundry loads at once flexdry and

Samsung's new washer lets you do laundry two loads at a time

Samsung's new washer and dryer let you complete two loads -- a large load, and a small one -- at the same time.
facebook journalism grants login smartphone

Facebook’s new features could help cure ignorance

Facebook is releasing new features -- "Latest Conversations" and "Topics to Follow" -- to try and eliminate filter bubbles.
Amazon Echo Alexa

Alexa can now control your alarm system: Is this safe?

ADT will now have an "ADT Pulse Alexa" skill available for new and existing home automation customers. Is it safe, though?
dog turns off vacuum roomba

Dog who loves peace and quiet learns how to turn off a Roomba

Most dog owners know canines are not exactly fans of vacuum cleaners. These dogs can actually operate vacuums, though.
startup eliminate need for real estate agents home sale sold sign

Poll asks people how much they would give up for a safe neighborhood

How important is it to live in a safe neighborhood? A recent poll finds neighborhood safety is even more important than you might think.
dominos ford driverless pizza delivery

Domino's and IFTTT team up to make people lazier, one pizza at a time

Domino's and IFTTT (If This Then That) have partnered up to create a lazy solution for couch potatoes and pizza lovers alike.
home technology that will soon be obsolete to thumb

Devices in your home that are becoming obsolete

Technology moves quicker with every passing year, and these are the products that will likely go the way of the landline in the next decade.
smart home renovations not worth the money schlange sense deadbolt 720x720

Renovate with caution: These add-ons might not be worth the investment

Renovations may seem like surefire way to boost the value of your home, but some can actually make your house more difficult to sell.
housecanary resale price 35896987  home for sale real estate sign in front of beautiful new house

How four tech renovations can increase your home’s resale value

Homeowners should try to choose renovations they love and ones that will increase the resale value of their home. These four fit the bill.
cook food in washing machine sous vide

Yes, you can now cook dinner in your washing machine

Sous La Vide bags let you cook food in your washing machine; and yes, you can cook the food right along with your laundry.
renovation trends backyard oasis houzz beach sand tiki

Renovation trends: Homeowners prefer a ‘backyard oasis’ that’s low maintenance

Houzz just released its 2017 U.S. Landscape Trends Study, which shed light on current outdoor renovation trends.

Porch performance: More homeowners upgrading to smart lights outdoors

A study found that homeowners are choosing more expensive, higher-quality outdoor lighting such as LED lights and smart lights.
Google Tango

Shoppers can now use augmented reality to pick out furniture from Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is joining the augmented reality game with its 3D Room View app, which shows you what new furniture will look like in your home.
knife robot automatic sharpener

Want a robotic knife sharpener in your kitchen? Try Knife Robot

The KnifeRobot, a knife sharpening tool that is hands-free and automatic, is gaining a lot of steam on Indiegogo.
skittles sorting machine

Hate lemon candy? This machine will sort your Skittles for you

A 19-year-old mechanical engineering student from the Netherlands invented a Skittles sorting machine that will separate Skittles by color.
coodo smart tiny houses beach

Coodo futuristic tiny houses come with high-tech smart features and maybe a sauna

The tiny house movement represents the return to smaller, more inexpensive homes. These tiny houses are packed with smart features.

SodaStream recalls bottles because they might explode

SodaStream just voluntarily recalled one of its products -- a bottle that explodes under pressure. Do you own one of these bottles?
whirlpool dryer fires hotpoint

Whirlpool issues an official warning concerning some of its defective dryer models catching fire

"Unplug and do not use." Hotpoint warns U.K. customers on its website of the potential dangers associated with some of its dryers.
flyte story levitating clock magnetic

Time flies, or at least floats, with Flyte's levitating story clock

Story, a levitating timepiece that orbits around a wooden circular base, recently went live on Kickstarter and is gaining a huge following.
padmapper removes spam rental listings padmapper1

Canned spam: New Padmapper algorithm takes aim at scams and fishy listings

Padmapper introduces its Post a Pad app, which allows users to post a rental or access millions of rental listings without all the spam.
amazon echo google home adding phone kitchen

Alexa, call mom: Amazon and Google want to add voice calls to digital assistants

A voice-calling feature may soon make its way to the Amazon Echo and Google Home but privacy, laws, and other industries may get in the way.
airy box air purifier

The Airy Box uses plants to purify your air, no electricity required

Can you turn a plant into an air purifier for your home? The Airy Air Purifier says it can, and it doesn't need a power plug.
sengled element lightbulb zero carbon footprint app

How Sengled made a smart lightbulb with zero carbon footprint

Sengled found a way to create a smart lightbulb that is carbon neutral. The bulb leaves behind zero carbon footprint.
amazon gaze assisted object recognition patent looking at tv feat

Look at your TV to turn it on? Amazon could be making it happen

A patent filed by Amazon reveals potential plans for new technology that lets you control lights, buy products, and more using your eyes.
best kitchen gadgets under 50 aroma rice cooker

Clear some counter space for these 5 great kitchen gadgets for under $50

Kitchen gadgets don't have to be expensive. Here are some of the best devices to be had for under $50, whether you're a rice junkie or a wino.

Harvard creates a renewable battery that can last for 10 years

Harvard researchers are trying to create a cost-effective flow battery that has a 10-year lifespan with little maintenance.