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Latest by G. Hulfish

gen i1

Gen i1 is a smart golf ball that can help improve a player's putting

Developed by Coach Labs, the Gen i1 is an intelligent golf ball with an embedded 9-axis sensor, onboard MCU, and Bluetooth radio.
otto smart lock 1

Otto premium smart lock was designed by former Microsoft and Apple engineers

After nearly 50 years worth of simulated durability testing, the Otto smart lock sets a new standard for premium and secure digital locks.
Assassin's Festival

Two video game universes collide in 'Final Fantasy XV: Assassin's Festival'

The free DLC, titled Assassin's Festival, will be a limited time event with combining gameplay elements from both series.
mastersous multi cooker t

MasterSous can sous vide, simmer, sear, saute, deep fry, and more

MasterSous provides an innovative approach as an all-in-one multi-cooker. Its unique design allows it to sous vide, simmer, sear, and more.
smuggler's run

‘GTA Online: Smuggler’s Run’ gives a nod toward a classic Rockstar game

Arriving Tuesday, Smuggler's Run takes to the skies above Lost Santos and Blaine County with a new range of planes, choppers, and more.
i ride electric skateboard t

I-Ride is a compact electric skateboard that fits in a backpack

With their unique aluminum bodies, I-Ride boards add greater durability and stability not found in most other boards
Switch cross-play

‘Rocket League’ on Switch comes with exclusive Nintendo battle cars

Developer Psyonix introduced exclusive Mario, Luigi, and Samus cars in a new trailer for Rocket League on Nintendo Switch.
zero latency

Zero Latency brings free-roam multiplayer VR to MGM Grand Las Vegas

Up to eight players can immerse themselves in the 2,000-square-foot Zero Latency arena, physically traveling great distances.
chocolate construction

Chocolate Construction lets you build a 3D-shaped dinosaur, then eat it

With Chocolate Construction, kids and adults can immortalize their favorite dinosaur in chocolate, at least until they get hungry.
shenmue 3

Deep Silver will publish another Kickstarter darling with 'Shenmue 3'

Deep Silver confirms that Shenmue 3 will release both physically and digitally exclusively on the PS4 and PC.
lighter washing machine t

With a simple adjustment, one student made a greener, lighter washing machine

One student from Nottingham Trent University has figured that a lighter washing machine design can drastically cut down carbon emissions.
Splatoon 2 bundle

Be a squid kid in style: Switch 'Splatoon 2' bundle comes to North America

In less than a month, the Switch Splatoon 2 bundle is coming to North America as a Walmart exclusive. Special Joy-Cons and more are included.
Uno Bolt

Uno Bolt is a fat-wheeled electric unicycle with Gyro Force technology

The Uno Bolt is the first electric unicycle to use Gyro Force, a technology that claims to be the quickest responding gyroscope ever used.
playstation e3 2017 theaters experience

Get your tickets! PlayStation Experience 2017 set for December

Just in time for Christmas, PlayStation Experience 2017 returns to Anaheim, California this December and tickets are now available.
We Happy Few

'We Happy Few' set for multiplatform launch in April 2018

After partnering with Gearbox Publishing, developer Compulsion Games is upping the ante as We Happy Few nears its formal release in 2018.
Destiny Silver

Refunds being issued for those who purchased Destiny Silver on Steam

After Destiny Silver mistakenly appeared on Steam for purchase, Bungie confirms it was an error. Refunds are being issued by Valve.
tesla tiny house

Tesla Tiny House tours Australia and is 100 percent renewable

To better showcase its expanding energy lineup, the Tesla Tiny House is touring across Australia, powered by 100 percent renewable energy.
the good life announcement t

Swery’s next game, ‘The Good Life,’ will be crowdfunded on Fig

Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro and his new indie studio White Owls Inc. has announced its upcoming mystery RPG titled The Good Life.

Stand among the most influential icons in the 'Civilization' board game

From Fantasy Flight Games comes a Civilization board game that reimagines the classic PC game. It's about culture, conquest, and diplomacy.
strider vr treadmill

Strider VR a new take on an omnidirectional treadmill for VR

Strider VR uses a rotating ball array layered over a traditional linear treadmill and a Microsoft Kinect 2 sensor.
solar charged jacket t

Glow like kryptonite with the Solar Charged Jacket from Vollebak

Like something out of the comics, the Solar Charged Jacket stores light energy to maintain a glow for up to 12 hours.
brid air purifier t

Keep harmful pollutants out of the air with the Brid air purifier

With the compact Brid indoor air purifier, nanostructured ceramic filters break down harmful substances like carbon monoxide and bacteria.
xbox creators

Xbox Indie Creators Program goes live today with first wave of games

Announced in March, the Xbox Live Creators Program is now live, allowing any developer to directly publish games to Xbox One and Windows 10.
switch patent violations

Tablet maker Gamevice sues Nintendo, alleges Switch design violates patent

Gamevice, developer of the Wikipad, is suing Nintendo based on alleged Switch hybrid console patent violations.
PAX West 2017

‘Destiny 2’ director will deliver keynote at PAX West 2017 gaming convention

PAX West 2017 takes place September 1-4 in Seattle, Washington, and will be jam-packed with exhibitors, panels, and more.
sousvide supreme touch sous vide  1

SousVide Supreme Touch+ provides energy-efficient way to cook

The company that created the first at-home sous vide is revolutionizing sous vide again with the SousVide Supreme Touch+.
rez infinite

‘Rez Infinite’ fires its way onto PC with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift support

Shooting through psychedelic tunnels and abstract polygons never looked so crisp. Rez Infinite launched this morning for Windows PC.

Boss Key Productions has released a 'Lawbreakers' patch to fix PS4 version

While it launched with performance issues, Boss Key Productions was quick to issue a Lawbreakers patch to remedy the problem.
witcher 3 skateboarding mod geralt skating kinda

‘Witcher 3’ skateboarding mod enables ludicrous sliding speeds

A Witcher 3 skateboarding mod, appropriately titled Geralt of Rivia's Pro Witcher 3, is making the expansive landscape a little more extreme.
Metroid: Samus Returns trailers

‘Metroid: Samus Returns’ locks its toughest mode behind an amiibo paywall

Metroid: Samus Returns updates the Game Boy sequel. The hard difficulty, called Fusion Mode, is locked behind an amiibo paywall.
xbox one insider update

Xbox One Home page gets a whole new look with latest Insider update

Starting today, Alpha Ring members of the Insider program can download the latest Xbox One Insider update for a more personalized experience.
Link pops a trick on Cheese Land.

Wii U emulator runs ‘Mario Kart 8’ in 8K resolution with smooth framerate

Emulators are giving Mario Kart 8, the resolution boost it deserves. The bump to 8K resolution is unbelievable.
Destiny 2

Bungie dams up streaming of 'Destiny 2' by blocking game capture programs

Practically any game, both old and new, can be streamed, which makes Bungie stand out when they make it more difficult to stream Destiny 2.
sleepovation mattress t

SleepOvation ditches the single mattress model for 700 tiny ones

SleepOvation innovates traditional mattress design with hundreds of mini mattresses individually placed atop their own pocket springs.