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rocket league quick chat update blog 1650x880

OMG! Wow! Rocket League quick chat options expanding

Psyonix announced that it will be expanding quick chat options for Rocket League in the upcoming June update.
nintendo medical eating ip

Nintendo eyeing new business ventures in medicine, restaurants, and IP

Nintendo recently updated its Articles of Incorporation hinting that it might soon enter the medical and restaurant industries, as well as expand its IP.

PornHub security breach turns out to be a well-executed hoax

News broke over the weekend that PornHub had been compromised, with a hacker selling access to the site, but turns out it was all a hoax.
cemu wii u emulator update 14619799595 36ee6b0674 h

Cemu Wii U emulator runs Mario Kart 8 almost flawlessly after update

A new update to the Wii U emulator, Cemu, shows it running Mario Kart 8 at nearly 60 frames-per-second, a massive performance jump since it's launch.
universal update leak xbox one windows store 25755671135 c02249b14f k

Universal update inbound: Exclusive Xbox One games appearing in Windows Store

Prior to Microsoft's Anniversary Update expected to occur this summer, certain Xbox One games and apps are appearing for Insider Preview members.
htc vive project cars pcars

Project Cars on HTC Vive is the definitive sim racing experience

With the new HTC Vive patch for Project CARS, first footage of the game running in VR looks stunning.
germany ev subsidies 14286537340 78b3fa7bfb k

Germany giving 1 billion euros in electric vehicle subsidies

Germany has announced a new subsidy program that will give a total of 1 billion euros to new electric and hybrid purchases
shenmue hd remaster

Sega considering Shenmue HD remasters, but it could take a while

Sega revealed that it's currently looking into HD remasters of Shenmue, but is running into legal complications.
nvidia doom vulkan api

Doom running on new Vulkan API is simply insane

Id Software has released a new video showing off Doom running on the new Vulkan API, and it's buttery smooth.
Zelda Twilight Princess HD: Wii U vs GameCube vs Wii Frame-Rate Test

Link gets embroiled in Hong Kong crime drama in this Legend of Zelda parody

Watch Link from the Legend of Zelda as a Hong Kong police detective battling Ganon's gang to save Zelda.
call of duty infinite warfare youtube dislike cod

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare fails to excite, draws record dislikes on YouTube

Latest Call of Duty reveal is a dud as the reveal trailer is the most disliked gaming video ever on YouTube.
elon musk tesla

No rest for the driven: Tesla CEO Musk sleeping at plant to help reach goals

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is choosing to sleep overnight at his Tesla plant to help meet production goals.
japan more charging stations than gas 5180303728 41862d7c1c b

Japan now has more charging sites than gas stations, but many are private

Japan is leading the world in developing EV charging stations with greater infrastructure and incentives.
playstation 4 400 update sharing stream

PSN made more revenue than all of Nintendo in most recent financial year

Things aren't looking good as Sony's PlayStation Network outperformed all of Nintendo this past financial year.
sim racing vr looks like sold mixed reality

If this is what sim racing in VR looks like, we’re sold

Youtuber splices Oculus Rift VR gameplay alongside live footage to create a super realistic sim racing experience.
meet the man who sculpted softer side of fords hardcore 2016 gt all newfordgt 09 hr

Meet the man who sculpted the softer side of Ford’s hardcore 2016 GT