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Latest by J. Van Camp

Google Street View: more privacy, more problems

robonaut 2 en route to international space station nasa come here android robot thumb

Robonaut 2 en route to International Space Station

Virgin Galactic opens first spaceport


Amazon Kindle users, you can lend e-books and read the newspaper

Droid Pro coming to Verizon for $299

Barnes & Noble to announce Nook Color, an Android e-reader

Survey: 4 pct of households own an iPad, a third are app-less

Windows 7: 1 year, 240 million licenses

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer talks Windows Phone 7, Ray Ozzie, and retirement

72 pct of parents monitor their teens on social sites, says survey

CDMA iPhone spotted? Pictures inside

Samsung working on a joint TV, phone platform


Starbucks offers free e-books, music, and movies at its stores

Verizon Wireless to offer a tiered $15 data plan

java hack attacks are way up says microsoft exploit security hole

Java hack attacks are way up, says Microsoft


Microsoft reveals Kinect launch games


New study: Average teen sends 3,339 texts every month

google and nbc universal end two year tv ad agreement logo thumbnail peacock

Google and NBC Universal end two-year TV ad agreement

yahoo blames google instant for search woes aol mulls takeover thumbnail

Yahoo blames Google Instant for search woes, AOL mulls takeover

opera mobile coming to android 11 support extensions logo thumbnail

Opera Mobile coming to Android, Opera 11 to support extensions

sams club to sell the iphone and ipad thumb

Sams Club to sell the iPhone and iPad