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Budweiser’s holiday gift to designated drivers? A Twitter-driven knitting machine

Budweiser began a social media campaign in the U.K. to spread awareness about designated drivers, and it's pretty weird.
the internet made me care about miley cyrus and im pissed it vmas mem 2

Hackers rig Time’s Person of the Year online poll to coronate Miley Cyrus

Who should be the Person of the Year for 2013? According to two intrepid hackers, Miley Cyrus has twerked her way to the role.
best thanksgiving social media contests serenity

Want to win more than an extra five pounds this Thanksgiving? Enter these social media contests

Sure, you'll be shopping on Black Friday, but some businesses are offering giveaways and prizes in honor of Thanksgiving itself.
dear twitter snapchat facebook rest internet age gating stupid coors verification

Dear Twitter: Don’t age gate me, I can follow a beer company if I want to

Twitter is the latest social network to boost its age-gating policies. Too bad they're completely ineffective insults to common sense.
youtubes comment section gets even crappier thanks spammers g  youtube

YouTube’s comment section gets even crappier, thanks to spammers

Google changed the YouTube comment system to connect it to Google+, but it gave spammers a big opportunity to leave bad links on YouTube.
tinder on android

The new Tinder lets you stick people in the dreaded friend zone

With a new update, Tinder is entering the friendship game.
facebook testing browse feature lure onto graph search fb

Facebook’s browse feature: an attempt to lure you onto Graph Search

Have you tried Facebook's "browse" option? You get a sampler of potential graph searches, although some may ruin your self-esteem.
study says facebook can tell youre psychopath fb eye

Loophole lets anyone see part of your Facebook friend list, even if it’s set to private

Facebook doesn't think it's a problem, but your friend list isn't as private as you think it is.
using data measure breakup quantified

Using data to measure heartbreak is a beautiful bummer

Some people experience breakups and take solace in ice cream tubs and Netflix ... others use data-sets to analyze their post-heartache habits.
taxi magic uses social media stand crowd

Taxi Magic is fighting ride-sharing giants like Lyft and Uber with some social media magic

Taxi Magic might be the compromise between upgraded, transportation and licensed cab drivers who've been displaced by this new, emerging market.
facebook takes aim spammers justin bieber and selena gomez

Facebook takes aim at ‘Justin Bieber sex tape’ spammers

Facebook is taking legal action against a spammer, and sending a clear message to would-be malware spreaders: they've got lawyers and will use them.
ultravisual instagram competitor beauty side

Ultravisual: an Instagram competitor with beauty on its side

Ultravisual is a new social media-sharing app that stands out from other Instagram competitors because it's damn good-looking.
heres atone creating terrible website kindr

College gossip site creator is atoning for his horribleness with an app called Kindr

The creator of a notorious gossip website is now introducing an app to send compliments. Unfortunately, it's a milquetoast effort

A social giving app with a competitive twist uses your enemies’ tweets against them

Sometimes the best motivation is rooted in competition.

Quora caves and partners as a source for link-bait heavy Web publishers

Quora allows some of its most popular Q&As to get incorporated into posts from other media distributors, like Buzzfeed. Who's really benefiting?
comes photo uploads snapchat facebook beat 1

Snapchat users share 400 million images a day, as the app surpasses Facebook photo uploads

People are uploading photos to Snapchat like crazy - even more so than Facebook, and way more frequently than they do on Instagram.
full length movie filtered instagram ig

Behold! The first feature-length film made with Instagram videos

You think you love Instagram? This filmmaker is creating her entire feature length picture using nothing but the beloved filter app.
skedadle lets discover cool places instagram pictures screen568x568

Skedadel lets you discover cool places through Instagram images

A new app using Instagram images and a unique algorithm wants to help you find the best places in the world.
friend request debt collector facebook

Careful – that Facebook friend request could be an invasive debt collector

Debt collectors have been using social media to gather information and harass consumers, but new rules may limit these behaviors.
facebook twitter social web impact consume news feed 670

New research breaks down how the social Web is changing news

A new survey provides insight about how Americans use the social web to consume news.
google made rap genius vanish

Rap Genius goes legit (and makes music lobbyists happy)

Musicians' rights activist David Lowery has sharp words for Rap Genius, but the website may get back in his good graces as they continue licensing lyrics.
twitter tests waters breaking news push notifications enhanced buzz 30852 1384379126 8

Twitter tests the waters for breaking news push notifications

Twitter sent a push notification to a random group of mobile users that showed a tweet from the AP regarding a breaking news story in Pennsylvania.
olympics will use instagram video aquatic center rings beck

Sochi Winter Olympic reporters can use Instagram — but video clips are out

The IOC clarified that social media use is allowed for journalists at the 2014 Winter Olympics -- but video is still prohibited.
twitters custom timeline compare storify collage

How does Twitter’s new custom timeline feature compare to Storify?

Twitter recently introduced Custom Timeline, a new feature that lets Tweetdeck users curate tweets -- here's how it stacks up against Storify.
today facebook bots bot

Now you, too, can become a Facebook bot!

Tired of writing your own Facebook posts? You're in luck - a new bot has your back.
instagram photos not showing up anymore in twitter how s 1 billion sale helps other photo sharing startups ab5366e4e8

This is the scam 100,000 Instagram users fell for – and how you can avoid it

People really, really want more likes on Instagram -- so much so that they ignored red flags and signed up for a botnet to get them.
google made rap genius vanish

Forget the war over downloading music, the fight over reading it has begun and Rap Genius is in trouble

The NMPA recently sent takedown notices to fifty websites that reproduce song lyrics, including Rap Genius, the up-and-coming 'Wikipedia for Rap.'
hunting fake ids facebook bar lineup

Underage hopefuls are taking to Facebook to find fake IDs

You used to have to know someone older and willing to bend the rules to get a fake ID. But social media is changing that.
upstagram captures paris birds eye view

Upstagram captures Paris from a birds-eye view

What do you get when you send photo uploading software flying above Paris? A cool Instagram account and a cooler YouTube video.
facebook users experience broken timeline like 750x375

Happy Friday! Your Facebook Timeline might be broken [UPDATE: It’s fixed]

Facebook fiends woke up this morning to a nasty shock: Timeline won't load.
twitter makes it easier to report abusive tweets cops fight

These are some of the most-faved tweets of all time

Using FavStar, I tried to find the most-faved tweets on Twitter. The results were weird.
instagram blocks mobli photo wars

Everything you need to know about Mobli, the Instagram competitor with deep pockets

Does the world really need another Instagram competitor? Super-billionaire Carlos Slim thinks it does.
heres find popular internet images oublio

Here’s how to find the most popular Internet images in real time

If you want to see which images are capturing the Internet's interest, Oublio can give you a streamlined overview.
justin bieber

Be very afraid: Justin Bieber named ‘lead investor’ in a new social network for teens

What do you get when you combine Justin Bieber, tech investing, and a new social app? RockLive hopes it all equals lots of teen users.