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why social networks are supersizing their photos twitter 2176659b

Go big or go home: Why social networks are supersizing their photos

Twitter changed its embedded photo size, allowing for bigger pictures. It's a shrewd move from the microblogging site.
dw hipstamatic

The debate over war photojournalism in the age of Instagram rages on

New research looks at the merits and problems of filtered photojournalism.
what makes a viral image nyan cat

Achieving viral: Here’s the secret sauce behind images that win the Internet

If you want a viral image on Google+, you better find a happy GIF, according to new research.
police able search phone without warrant supreme court

Tumblr makes its first appearance in the Supreme Court

In an important case about campaign finance, anti-corruption activist Lawrence Lessig is using Tumblr to make a point.
can you tell a story in six words short

Can you tell a story in six words? Twitter wants to know

For storytellers keen on brevity, the Six Words contest allows writers to flex their shortest story muscles on Twitter.
Shazam - tagging

You can now Shazam yourself to disaster preparedness

Shazam is known as a music discovery app, but a new partnership with Ad Council turns the service into a tool to get ready for disaster.
Facebook AI EYNTK main

Nobody panic! Facebook’s artificial intelligence just wants to know how you’re feeling

Facebook is undertaking an ambitious artificial intelligence project. Here's everything you need to know.
long live horseebooks even if it catfished us rip

@Horse_ebooks has been outed and it’s like seeing your dad in a Santa suit

Today the Internet learned what it should've known all along: horse_ebooks, its most popular spambot, is run by humans.
gmail acts to sort out new scam using non latin characters

Gmail has a case of the Mondays – relax, a fix is on the way

Gmail started acting funkier than a James Brown concert this morning, but don't worry because things are very nearly back on track.

You may soon be able to pay Facebook to show off your News Feed posts

A journalist took a screenshot of what appears to be a new feature Facebook is testing to allow individuals to pay to promote posts.
black friday cyber monday onlineshoppers targeted by hackers frustrated worker phil gradwell

These are the sites you’re wasting time on while at work

In the world's least surprising survey, it turns out people waste time at work looking at the Internet.
gifs for sale art

As art collectors start eyeing GIFs, it’s time to ask: Can you ‘own’ digital art?

An auction house is collaborating with Tumblr for a net art sale... and it's just one of many examples of the burgeoning digital art market.
facebook like protected by the first amendment

Facebook ‘Likes’ are protected by the First Amendment

A judge ruled that Facebook "likes" constitute protected speech.
london firefighters use selfies as fire safety education tools alarm

London firefighters start safety campaign using selfies

In London, the fire department started a campaign called #safetyselfies to spread fire safety awareness through social media.
instagram plays a starring role in music videos video

The best Instagram-made music videos

Instagram is getting a star role in music videos with more bands utilizing the technology to give their content the retro edge.
iTunes Radio Hands On featured image

Hands on: iTunes Radio can’t out-DJ Pandora, but it sure does look pretty

We took a gander at iTunes Radio to see how it stacks up to the competition.
china cell phone tracking

China detains teen for going viral

Chinese authorities recently detained a teenager for muckracking about a local police investigation.
facebook apologies for its most tasteless ad of all time rehtaeh parsons

Facebook apologizes for its most tasteless ad of all time

Facebook issued an apology after one of its advertisers posted a shockingly tasteless ad.
zeega the interactive storytelling tool you never knew always wanted

Zeega is the interactive storytelling tool you never knew you always wanted

There are already a lot of storytelling tools out there, but Zeega provides an interesting platform for interactive multimedia slideshows.
why gmails new tabs are freaking out retailers gmail

Why Gmail’s new tabs are freaking out retailers (and why they should relax)

Google's most recent change to its e-mail service is bad news for retailers that rely on email.
troll insurance protects against cyberbullying cyber bully

Crossing a line? California school district hires company to watch students’ social media

In California, a school district is paying a social media monitoring firm to keep an eye on students' social media activity.
tumblr book club fan girl

Tumblr’s first official book club taps your inner ‘fangirl’

Tumblr just launched its first official bookclub with "Fangirl," a novel celebrating Internet culture.
twitters advertising power is getting a high profile test gap

Twitter’s advertising power is getting a high profile test

Gap is partnering with Twitter on its next big ad push, and the results may serve as a good example of Twitter's marketing power.
have you lurked her texts how a short film captures the crappiness of dating in age facebook 3098918384 4102cbd936

‘Have you lurked her texts?’ How the directors of ‘Noah’ captured the pain of Facebook-era dating

A short film takes a look at a relationship imploding after digital miscommunications.
facebook tests video auto play meaning ads are creeping closer to reality fb

Facebook tests video auto-play, meaning video ads are creeping closer to reality

Facebook announced a new feature: auto-played videos. This could mean its plan to get video ads on the website is well under way.

The Twitter IPO is on, and here’s what we know so far

Twitter is going public - it's official.
top 7 most revealing things mark zuckerberg said at tc disrupt zuck final

The 6 most important things Mark Zuckerberg revealed yesterday

Mark Zuckerberg made some remarks at TC Disrupt that hinted at the company's future trajectory.
how to advertise on porn sites one food delivery services unconventional ad campaign

Who knew porn fans love delivery food? Well… everyone, but Eat24 made it pay

Advertisers tend to avoid racy platforms, but a food delivery service decided to embrace porn websites -- and gained a new crop of loyal customers.
facebook ads phone

No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes – Facebook ads are getting bigger

Facebook is rolling out changes to its ads, boosting their size.
Understanding the Great Firewall of China

China to jail dissidents whose criticism goes viral

China strengthened its laws against libelous Internet users, sparking concerns that it is cracking down on political critics.
googles new logo simple flat and still way better than yahoo google

Is Google pulling a Yahoo and getting a logo redesign?

Google temporarily displayed a flatter logo, and it's an improvement over the current shaded logo.

Who’s most likely to click on spam? Neurotic women on Facebook

Spammers have better luck with certain types of people.
how a hackathon got bro trolled by titstare titstare4

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Titstare app pitch

Here's how not to be a positive force in the tech community: waste everyone's time launching a stupid, unfunny joke app. Name it Titstare.

Introducing the world’s first Instagram hotel, where selfies are definitely welcome

Looking for a hotel that welcomes your obsession with selfies? Then check right in.