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Latest by Kate Knibbs

Pinterest, Path, and the battle over ‘P’

Path is trying to stop Pinterest from trademarking its logo, since both companies use a curly P and a similar color scheme.
Fantasy Football Board

How socially engaged is your favorite NFL team?

A marketing firm ranked the NFL teams based on their social media prowess.
facebook presses pause on privacy updates stalk header

Facebook presses pause on privacy updates as complaints intensify

Facebook will have to wait to roll out its new privacy updates.
the betaworks touch a look at company that makes other companies good

A look inside Betaworks, the behind-the-scenes builder of Internet magic

How a tech company that builds, buys, and invests in companies is racking up one impressive hot streak.
the nypd just says no to selfies cop selfie

The NYPD wants its officers to ‘just say no’ to selfies

Police departments want to keep their officer's self-indulgent mugs off the Internet.
your facebook smile can predict happiness years down the line photo main

Turns out your smiley Facebook friends really are happier than you

Researchers at the University of Virginia found that the intensity of your smile in Facebook profile pictures can predict your future happiness.

Are Facebook hashtags a big fat #failure?

If you're trying to engage more friends and fans on Facebook, using hashtags will harm your efforts.
would you try facebook flavored ice cream

This ice cream shop knows what Facebook tastes like – no, it’s not tears and vodka

An ice cream shop in Croatia is selling Facebook flavored ice cream, which doesn't even make any sense, but whatever.

The inevitable happens as a clothing brand starts sexting people on Snapchat

An online retailer is attracting Snapchat followers by sending racy photos.

Ever wonder what a Twitter mood ring would look like? Wonder no more

A team of designers created MIMMI, an art installation that uses tweets to create a mood barometer for the people of Minneapolis.
your facebook profile picture may be added to a facial recognition database 001 1

Facebook wants to add profile pictures to its facial recognition database

Facebook is considering adding profile pictures to a facial recognition database.
way to ruin our new source of gif fun pervs dont up

A great day for the Internet: You can now post animated GIFs on Facebook (sort of)

It's a good day: you can now post GIFs on Facebook. We may as well just say goodbye to words and typing ever again.

A new petition wants to end emoji white-washing

The popular animated emoticon app Emoji is facing charges of racism due to a lack of diversity.
troll insurance protects against cyberbullying cyber bully

Is the Internet’s Neverland, or just a haven for adolescent bullies?

Blaming the websites won't help stop cyber-bullying - so what will?
facebook virus has already infected 800000 users

A new Facebook virus has already infected 800,000 users – here’s what you need to know

Malware disguised as a video is a major security threat for Facebook users.
facebook debuts shared photo albums via mashable

Facebook brings friend-sourcing to photos with new Shared Photo Albums

You can soon make a photo album with your Facebook friends.
why no sexualwednesdays instagrams secret prude side more hashtag 300x240

Instagram is blocking ‘obscene’ hashtags from search and being a hypocrite about it

Instagram won't let you search for certain hashtags.

This week in dumb Facebook arrests

Sometimes Facebook oversharing annoys your friends. Other times it gets you arrested.
social media has spoken and its talking trash about ben affleck as batman

Social media has spoken and it’s not happy about Ben Affleck as Batman

The choice to cast Ben Affleck as Batman sparked a lot of outrage on social media.
Call in the night

Sleep texting is the latest digital epidemic you don’t need to be worried about

A local news station did a report on sleep texting, but don't worry. There's an easy fix if you reach for your phone as you dream.
the man with gif in his hand digital tatoo

The man with a digital tattoo

An artist took his committment to GIFs to the next level by getting a microchip implanted in his hand as a "digital tattoo."
facebook brothel busted in indonesia dony final

Facebook brothel busted in Indonesia

In today's Dumb Criminals on Facebook News, an Indonesian man used his profile to pimp out women. Guess who paid him a visit?
dick pic art show

This intimate picture exhibition isn’t art or a statement, it’s exploitation

What might have been an interesting examination of gender dynamics is actually just revenge porn masquerading as art.

You can now embed Facebook posts – here’s what it looks like

Facebook just finished rolling out its embedded posts feature - here's how to use it.
ifttt and twitter friends again

Tweeting triggers are back! IFTTT and Twitter are playing nice again

If you want to use hashtags to automatically post tweets on Facebook, now's your chance: Twitter is back on IFTTT, an automation service.

The Snapchat identity crisis and why impermanence no longer matters for the app

You can now download an app to save Snapchat picture. But who cares?
will this help twitters high speed news problem twitter

Confused about Twitter’s new Related Headlines feature? We break it down for you

Twitter's new "Related Headlines" feature offers users links to relevant stories.
the dumbest drug dealers online facebook mr0tmr

This week’s top 10 dumbest online drug dealers

Oh, Internet - sometimes you make it hard to respect you. Actually, it's just idiots like this who peddle pills online giving you a bad rep.

Why you may never have to ask ‘what’s that song?’ at a music festival again

If you hate trying to figure out what song you're hearing at a music festival, new technology may make you the happiest concert fiend this side of Bonnaroo.
the 5 types of messages you find in your other inbox on facebook

The 5 types of messages you find in your hidden Facebook inbox

If you've never checked Facebook's 'Other' message folder, here's what you can expect.
how twitter can help you avoid getting food poisoning nemesis

How Twitter can help you avoid getting food poisoning

New research shows that Twitter is a surprisingly accurate indicator of what restaurant will get you sick.
youtube has an ad malware problem heres how to avoid it sambreel adware

YouTube has an ad malware problem – here’s how to avoid it

Don't let adware peddlers make watching ads on YouTube even more annoying than usual.
now you can use bold italics and other fancy fonts on twitter isaac hepworth font

Want to fancy up your tweets? This simple hack brings fun fonts to Twitter

Bored of plain ol' text? Well a simple 'hack' now gives you creative license to bold, italicize, and more.

Path just widened its cozy little social network by partnering with your favorite apps

Path is casting a wider net and encouraging developers to create applications for it, using an expanded API.