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fossil gen 4 sport amazon gen4 women

Fossil Gen 4 Sport smartwatches get up to almost $100 price cut on Amazon

While everyone has their eyes set on the Apple Watch, you have the chance to be fashionably different as you strike the balance between function and style with the Fossil Gen 4 Sport. Usually retailing for $275, this could be the snazzy new thing you wrap around your wrist for only $177 with Amazon's 36% price cut.
lg v35 thinq back

Lose the notch and get the LG V35 ThinQ for more than half off from Amazon

It's good to see that LG certainly had no qualms letting go of the notch as they opted for a sleeker nearly bezel-less design on the V35 ThinQ. Flagship models usually reel in a hefty price tag and LG's V35 ThinQ is no exception at $900 but then you can get it for only $400 with Amazon's 56% price cut.
Nokia 7.1 Review

Get a quality phone at a budget price as Best Buy takes $150 off the Nokia 7.1

Apple and Samsung have grown increasingly popular in either iOS and Android markets. Nokia may have gone off the grid before but it sure comes back with a vengeance as it hits the midrange division for smartphones. Get quality on a budget as Best Buy slashes $150 off the Nokia 7.1's $350 price tag.  
motorola moto g7 news jc 1

Amazon gives the midrange champion, the Moto G7, a 17% price cut

There may be more than a few phone makers after the budget crown, but Motorolla's G series still sits on the pedestal. Get the most bang for your buck as Amazon gives the midrange champion, the Moto G7, a 17% price cut so you can scrap the $300 price tag and pay only $250.
samsung galaxy note 8 review hands on

Amazon drops the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by 48%

Amazon may have dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by 48% but all the features it was lauded for stays marvelously intact. This price cut simply brings its usual $900 list price down to a more affordable $471. You may also get another $50 slashed off upon approval of your Amazon Rewards Visa Card.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Best Buy offers a $100 discount on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung kept us on our toes in eager anticipation of its latest addition to the Note range. The premium price of $1,100 attached to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus may be justified by its design, build, and features but it can also be yours for $100 less from Best Buy.
ip ratings explained

Best Buy drops the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 to $300

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 makes the price of older models down. The Galaxy S8 may retail for $500 but Best buy has dropped its price to a more palpable $300 sale price. While you can get a 2019 midrange phone for about the same price, an older but premium smartphone could be the better choice.
lg stylo 4 smartphone amazon deal

Get the LG Stylo 4 at its most affordable price of $120 at Best Buy

Sporting an affinity to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's S Pen and running on the same Android Oreo 8.1, the LG Stylo 4 gives you a bang for your buck at its standard price of $300. Amazon may have gotten the price lowered down to $270 but its no match for Best Buy's price at just $120.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Score $100 in savings on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 from Best Buy

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10's steep $950 price tag may be expected but then again why spend that much when there is a way to get the very same smartphone at a bargain. Score $100 in savings on the latest tenth-generation flagship model from Best Buy. 
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Sunrise Gold

Best Buy lets you have the Samsung Galaxy S9 at its lowest price yet

In this digital age, there are iOS users and Android users but if its a premium smartphone with a headphone jack you're in the market for, the Samsung Galaxy S9 remains sterling as ever. Amazon may have gotten the price down to $495 but Best Buy lets you have it at just $450 instead of the usual $600 price tag. 
haier portable air conditioners walmart deals 9000 btu conditioner with heat option black qphd10axlb

Keep your cool with a Haier portable air conditioner for $193 less at Walmart

Portable air conditioners make for great cost-cutting and space saving alternatives with the ability to transition from one room to the next. Keep your cool with a Haier portable air conditioner (QPHD10AXLB) currently available for $193 less than its $458 price tag on Walmart. 
lg portable ac lp0817wsr amazon

Save $71 with Amazon’s discount on an LG portable air conditioner

Get yourself out of a sticky situation and have $71 in savings with Amazon's 16% discount on the LG portable air conditioner (LP0817WSR). Usually carrying a $389 price tag, you can keep yourself cool at just $319, plus the possibility to qualify for another $50 off with your Amazon Rewards Visa Card.
lg lp1215gxr portable ac amazon

Amazon lets you cool off with $100 in savings on an LG portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioners could just be the break you're looking for in the absence of central air conditioning. Amazon has a deal that lets you cool off with $100 in savings on an LG Portable Air Conditioner (LP1215GXR). With the 21% price cut, its usual price of $480 comes down to a more affordable $380.
honeywell portable air conditioner deal on amazon hl10ceswk

Get a Honeywell portable air conditioner for 30% less on Amazon

The summer may be great for outdoor adventures but with the unprecedented rise in temperature, you may find yourself exhausted from perspiring. Get the Honeywell portable air conditioner (HL10CESWK) for 30% less on Amazon. This price cut makes it available for $350 instead of the typical $500 list price.
honeywell hl14chesww portable ac walmart

Snag a 4-in-1 Honeywell portable air conditioner for $139 less at Walmart

The Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner (HL14CHESWW) surpasses the capabilities of a traditional air conditioner not just in terms of mobility but also as a dehumidifier, heater, and a fan in one compact appliance. Snag one for yourself for $139 less than its standard price of $ 670 on Walmart.
frigidaire fad704dwd amazon

Breathe deeply again with Amazon’s 27% price cut on a Frigidaire dehumidifier

High humidity levels in a confined space not only proves to be uncomfortable but also provides the nesting environment for mold, mildew, and dust mites. Breathe deeply with Amazon's 27% price cut on the Frigidaire dehumidifier (FAD704DWD) that makes it available for $80 less than its usual $300 price tag. 
honeywell hl09ceswk amazon

Amazon’s deal on a Honeywell portable air conditioner cuts the cost by 27%

An added advantage to portable air conditioners like Honeywell's Contempo Series is that it comes with a dehumidifier that somehow filters the air you breathe. Amazon's discount on the Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner (HL09CESWK) cuts the cost by 27%, so you only pay $330 instead of the full amount of $450.
honeywell mn12ces amazon

Cool off with Amazon’s 32% sale on a Honeywell portable air conditioner

Drive out the heat and cool off with Amazon's 32% sale on the Honeywell portable air conditioner (MN12CES) that brings its $550 list price down to $376. You may even try your luck in knocking off an additional $50 on top of the sale price with your Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

Score some big savings with Amazon’s 22% discount on the LG Q6

Apple and Samsung may go head-to-head in the high-end market but if you're looking for an equitable midrange phone for casual use then the LG Q6 is a safe and solid bet. Reasonably priced at $180, Amazon's 22% discount gets you more in savings as its price goes down to $140. 
Galaxy Note 9 front

Score the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for $301 less on Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a prime choice for a premium smartphone and even more with Amazon's 30% price cut. Usually ringing in at $1,000, you can score this phone for $301 less and qualify to knock off another $50 on top of the $699 sale price with your Amazon Rewards Visa Card.
garmin approach s20 amazon 20 fi

Improve your golf game with the Garmin Approach S20 for 15% less on Amazon

Make golf more fun with a wearable that improves your form. Garmin is no stranger to fitness trackers and the Approach S20 surely won't disappoint as a personal golfing companion. Usually carrying a $170 price tag, you can bring this slick smartwatch to your next golf outing for 15% less or $145 on Amazon.
Garmin Vivosport review 1

Get fit with Amazon’s 33% discount on the Garmin Vivosport

Fuel your ultimate goal to get fit with a wearable that combines the functionality of both a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. The Garmin Vivosport is more than the typical fitness tracker as it can double up as a smartwatch. It usually wears a $170 price tag but Amazon's 33% discount lets you own it for just $115. 
garmin foreruner 645 music amazon forerunner 1

Run with the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music for $70 less on Amazon

Most of us have probably heard about Fitbit but Garmin's lineup can equitably be regarded as dynamic fitness tracker available at multiple price points. The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is currently on sale for $70 less on Amazon. Usually priced at $450, you can run hands-free and tune in to music for just $380.
fitbit inspire hr amazon fi

Trim down and get big savings with Amazon’s 20% sale on the Fitbit Inspire HR

Smartwatches may be great for keeping up with the daily grind but if you're looking for a virtual workout buddy, then a fitness tracker should do just the job. The Fitbit Inspire HR is usually priced at $100 but Amazon's 20% sale lets you trim down and get big on savings by making it available for only $80.
samsung gear sport amazon

Snag the Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch for 34% less on Amazon

Usually retailing for $300, you can wear the Samsung Gear Sport on your wrist for 34% less on Amazon. You can also qualify to knock off another $50 on top of the $198 sale price with your Amazon Rewards Visa Card. Get smart with a smartwatch and even smarter to snag one on a bargain. 
audio technica ath m50xbt amazon

Snag Audio-Technica wireless headphones at a sweet 20% discount on Amazon

With the increasing demand for wireless headphones, the Audio-Technica finally cut the cord and gave us the ATH-M50xBT. Normally ringing in at $199, snag the pair of studio-grade headphones at a sweet 20% discount on Amazon. Wear the ATH-M50xBT and tune into an out of this world listening experience for just $159.
sennheiser pxc 550 amazon fi

Grab the Sennheiser PXC 550 and get $105 in savings on Amazon

The Sennheiser PXC 550 may just be the upgrade you're looking for in wireless headphones and now is as good a time as ever to get it along with $105 in savings. Usually listing for $350, Amazon lets you off at $246 with the chance to knock off another $50 with your Amazon Rewards Visa card.
Best Bass Headphones Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Treat your ears to Sennheiser’s Momentum 2.0 with Amazon’s 49% discount

There may be plenty of other headphones more affordable than the $500 price tag of the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 but it sure is hard to beat its sheer and utter style, refinement, and sound quality. Lucky for you, Amazon gives your ears a treat with a 49% discount that makes it available at $254.
Beats Solo 3 Wireless

Pick up the Beats Solo 3 for $120 less on Amazon and keep the music going

The Beats Solo 3 is a result of Dr.Dre's award-winning sound and Apple's superior software and hardware engineering. If you missed out on Amazon's sale a couple of weeks back that dropped its full price of $300 down to $150, now is your chance to pick up the beat with your very own Beats Solo 3 for $120 less. 
Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

Amazon slashes the price of the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 by 33%

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 is an impressive pair of noise-canceling headphones that not only packs a lot of sound but also a serious battery life. If its $200 price tag is too much, then you'll be thrilled as Amazon has slashed its price by 33%. This is your chance to drown out the rest of the world for just $134.
fossil q gen 3 venture smatwatch

Amazon slashes the price of the Fossil Q Gen 3 Venture smartwatch by 32%

With a bustling market for smartwatches, it was just a matter of time for traditional watch brands like Fossil to join in the bandwagon. The Fossil Q women's Gen 3 Venture smartwatch usually lists for $255 but Amazon's 32% price cut gives ladies the opportunity to be armed with a sleek wearable for $174.
fitbit versa smartwatch amazon deal

Amazon’s deal nets you the Fitbit Versa smartwatch for 15% less

What better way to stay in shape than to have a fitness tracker. If you're hesitant to get the Fitbit Versa Smartwatch at its standard list price of $200, then you might want to check out Amazon's deal that gives it to you for 15% less. Cash in $170 for a cool wearable and walk away with $30 in savings.
garmin instinct amazon sale

Grab the Garmin Instinct outdoor watch for $31 less on Amazon

If you're quite the outdoorsy type and looking to arm yourself with a full-featured high-end wearable, then the Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch may just tick all the right boxes for you. Grab it for $31 less than the usual $300 price tag on Amazon plus qualify for another $50 discount with your Amazon Rewards Visa Card.
garmin forerunner 735xt amazon

Amazon trims the price on the Garmin Forerunner 735XT by 30%

The Garmin Forerunner 735XT may not be the latest fitness tracker out there but it is one of the few and the first to be equipped with Strava's Suffer Score. This triathlon watch usually rings in at $400 but Amazon trims down its price by 20%. Get a fitness tracker that can easily double up as a smartwatch for $280.