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twitter starts testing promoted videos in ad expansion ipo 610x354

Twitter unveils new TweetDeck-powered custom timeline feature

Twitter is slowly rolling out a new feature that allows users to create hand-picked, customized timelines.
facebook pays 33500 to hacker for finding security bug sign login

The Adobe hack reaches Facebook, and it might be time to go change your password

The Adobe security breach has affected Facebook users relying on the same login information.
russia says social media sochi olympics olympic committee disagrees 2013 rings

Russia says no social media at Sochi Olympics – Olympic Committee disagrees

A report last week from Russia but the kibosh on social media at the upcoming Olympic Games, but any fears are ill-founded.
facebook presses pause on privacy updates stalk header

This plugin can tell who you’re Facebook stalking

Ever wondered who Facebook thinks are your best friends? This plugin can tell you.
WTF Internet 11_10_2013

WTF, Internet? ‘Catfish’ just jumped the catfish

MTV's Catfish was just renewed for a third season, and it's started to get a little routine/sad.
youre wondering much twitter owes post ipo money 360

So, you’re wondering how much Twitter owes you post-IPO?

Twitter is now officially crazy rich, and this app can tell you how much the site has made off your tweets.
definitive twitter ipo day drinking game everyone doesnt care beer

Sick of the Twitter IPO buzz? Ease the pain with our definitive drinking game

Heard enough about the Twitter IPO? Well nothing can stop the onslaught of the media hanging out to this story, but at least there's a drinking game.
how to download youtube video firefox chrome browser plugins addons logo

The 13 most typical YouTube comments responding to the new YouTube comments

It doesn't get much more meta than this: YouTube wants to clean up its comment section, and these were some of the comments it got in return.
like change youre luck facebook just updated button first time new likes

Like change? You’re in luck, because Facebook just updated the Like button for the first time

That's right - the button that has become a part of Facebook's core is getting a much deserved makeover.
Facebook at work

Facebook lets you name conversations in chat drop-down

This tiny update lets you immediately give a message thread with more than one other person its own name.
senator tells instagram needs clear gun sales

Senator tells Instagram it needs to clear out the gun sales

Instagram has become an unwilling marketplace, and now a politician says it needs to close down illegal gun sales.
pocket icon small

What goes on behind the curtain of popular read-it-later app Pocket

Pocket's CEO recently revealed a few data details behind what the read-it-later app is saving.
is facebook still flunking on phones our mobile report card app

New viral Facebook scam is tempting users with non-existent Facebook Credits

Watch out for this new Facebook scam making the rounds, advertising the social network's defunct currency.
wtf internet last thing twitter needs pictures peed pregnancy tests kimye

WTF, Internet? Overexposed celebs don’t get to pick which parts of their life go viral

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of a lawsuit from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who claim their privacy was violated.
real life instagram instagrams rli

Complete proof that Instagram is an endless circle of self-referential meta-ness

An artist decorated London with an interactive project called Real Life Instagrams. But it's not the only indication we may have a problem.
lets analyze instagrams first ad insta

Instagram’s first ad showed up today, so let’s all over-analyze it

It's finally happened: Ads have hit Instagram. Users reported seeing this Michael Kors Insta-ad today, and the reactions vary.
yesterday great facebook like dislike

Yesterday was a great day for Facebook, if it weren’t for all the ‘buts’

Facebook's Q3 earnings report beat Wall Street expectations, but there are a few 'buts' attached to all the good news.
turn twitters enlarged photo previews least phone twitter preview iphone

How to turn off Twitter’s enlarged photo previews … on your phone

Not a fan of Twitter's new, huge photo and Vine previews? Here's how to keep them out of your mobile Twitter feed.
kanye masks

Calling all procrastinators: These are the best Halloween costumes you can print

In a last minute costume bind? Here are some options that require nothing but paper, scissors, string, and a printer.
simple reasons twitter just totally messed feed polaroid header

The very simple reasons Twitter just totally messed with your feed

If there was any wondering why Twitter is pushing photos - and pushing them hard - ease your mind, because it's all pretty obvious: Ads and brands.
less clicking looking twitter images vine videos will now show tweets photos feature

Less clicking, more looking: Twitter images and Vine videos will now show up in tweets

No need to click those Twitter and Vine links, content will show up in your feed in full.
hangouts header

Google bolsters Hangouts with SMS support, location sharing, and animated GIFs

In an announcement this morning, Google revealed a handful of updates for Hangouts.
pixlee filter

Pixlee wants to get you recognized by the brands you shower with Instagram love

Professing your sports team fandom or product affinity on Instagram? Pixlee could be bridging the gap between you and the brands you love.
uber cheezburger partnering fill office kittens yes really

Uber and Cheezburger are partnering to fill your office with kittens … yes, really [UPDATE] Uber experiencing kitten shortage

It's National Cat Day, and a new feature on the Uber app wants to help you celebrate - by filling your office with rent-able kittens.
instagram relaxes terms censored hashtags criteria remains confusing k bigpic

Instagram relaxes terms on censored hashtags, but its criteria remains confusing

Some of the previously unsearchable hashtags, like #sexualwednesday, are not OK on Instagram. But how the platform decides is still a conundrum.
explanation facebook bitstrips nonsense can block

An explanation of this Facebook Bitstrips nonsense and how you can block it

The new annoyance to hit Facebook is here and it's called Bitstrips. Here's how to get rid of it.
starbucks tweetacoffee campaign lets send sweet gift caffeine tweet coffee

Starbucks @Tweetacoffee campaign lets you send the sweet, sweet gift of caffeine

Starbucks new tweet-a-coffee program lets you simply tweet to give your friends and followers the greatest gift of all: free coffee.
Antares Rocket Launches

To boldly go where no social media fan has gone before (and then post selfies about it)

wtf internet tweeting bra feature

WTF Internet? A tweeting bra is not helping cure breast cancer

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of a bra that tweets, which is the ultimate in pinkwashing for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
carlos fake profile

Getting to know my fake Facebook friends

After a swam of too-similar fake friend requests filled up Facebook, I tried to find the thread connecting them.
the weird world of tumblr girls pink girl logo

Tumblr finally improves search so you can find all content, hashtagged or not

Frustrated by Tumblr search? You weren't the only one. But with a helping hand from Yahoo, the feature is much improved.
pinterest now worth 3 8 million maybe try header

Pinterest is now worth $3.8 billion, so I decided to try it

Apparently, Pinterest is valued at a whopping $3.8 billion - I guess the site is on to something and I should try it out.
consider warned instagram ad youre going see next week ig

Consider yourself warned: This is the Instagram ad you’re going to see next week

The first Instagram ad will appear next week. This is what it will look like.
youtube music network kc and jojo

YouTube is rumored to be working on a music streaming service to rival Spotify

YouTube might be all about videos, but it's that audio component that it's working on monetizing now.