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want some instagram advice from billion dollar companies pay attention class is in session hed

Want some Instagram advice from billion dollar companies? Then listen up

This is how Fortune 500 are using Instagram - you might want to listen u. p
feedme delivery aggregator wtf internet online food

WTF, Internet? Technology is trying to make us even fatter than we already are

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of apps that are trying to give us (more) heart disease.

Want some social with your science? The best Instagrams from NASA’s rocket launch

NASA and Orbital Sciences sent a rocket to the International Space Station on Wednesday – and here's how we documented it.
marissa mayer is going to get you back on my yahoo one rt at a time retweet me tshirt

Marissa Mayer is personally going to see to it that you use My Yahoo, one retweet at a time

Marissa Mayer is taking her My Yahoo campaign to the streets. Er, the tweets. The retweets, to be more specific.

Behind the scenes at NASA: This is what it takes to supply a space station

Tomorrow - weather permitting - NASA will launch this rocket into space.
wtf internet why do twitters verified users get nice things and we dont twitter

WTF, Internet? Why do Twitter’s ‘verified’ users get nice things and we don’t?

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of Twitter, which is giving yet more benefits to verified users.
instagram offline f8 2017

The best new way to use Instagram is for recipe inspiration

Turns out there's more to Instagram than selfies and pet pics - there are some great mealtime how-to's buried in there as well.

Facebook’s Conversations tool proves we swear a hell of a lot

Everyone loves bad words - especially on Facebook. And now there's data to prove it.
everything need know twitters first earnings call feb 2014 twitter ipo

7 questions about the Twitter IPO you’re too embarrassed to ask

Want to participate in a conversation about the Twitter IPO but don't know how? You're welcome here, friend.

2 Chainz is releasing an Instagram cookbook, so let’s look through his personal food porn

If 2 Chainz's Instagram food porn habit is any indication, we should be excited for the release of #MEALTIME.
apple goes for gold in its first tv ad iphone 5s side

The gold iPhone has started a social media civil war

Do you like the gold iPhone? Hate it? Would kill for it? The Internet has plenty to say about Apple's lavish new device.
hands on xbox music browser

Hands on: Xbox Music’s Web player fights Spotify with simplicity, not features

Xbox Music has finally landed and we go hands on to dig out the good - and the bad.
instagram is out of this world literally now that nasa has an account

‘We’ll never turn Mars blue:’ NASA’s Instagram account will go easy on the filters

NASA launches its official Instagram account.
facebook conversations talk

Facebook apes Twitter once again by integrating conversation into live news

Facebook is making another play for Twitter's lead on real-time conversation.
WTF Internet 09_08_2013 main

WTF, Internet? Babies don’t need to define their ‘brand’ on Twitter

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of monster parents who are giving their babies Twitter handles.

Why do we hate Facebook hashtags?

Hashtags have proven their viral worth everywhere – except Facebook. Why?
yahoo 2

Yahoo finally picked a new logo – so let’s take a tour through the reject pile

Curious what Yahoo passed on leading up to its new logo? Here's your answer.

Sub-Spotifying is the latest way to let technology passive aggressively flirt for you

Why sign up for an online dating service when you can sub-Spotify?
this vine is everything thats wrong with modern relationships khoaliti

Rule #79 for teenagers: Don’t Vine your breakup

And you thought being broken up with in a text was bad - this Vine takes it to a new level.

A 2012 article proposed a smarter version of Facebook Shared Albums

Shared Albums just launched, but ideas to make them smarter have been available since last year.
WTF Internet Selfies

WTF, Internet? Taking selfies where other people mourn means you’re doing it wrong

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of 'Selfies at Serious Places:' The worst thing to happen to selfies since... well, selfies.
the best gifs to use in response prototypical fb posts  gif guide

The GIF guide to commenting on all the most cliche Facebook posts

Now that you can use GIFs on Facebook, let's talk about comment responses.
why do we facebook stalk stalking to be a thing of the past

Why do we Facebook stalk?

It's a question old as time. Or... as old as 2004, when Facebook first appeared. Why do we keeps tabs on our Facebook peers with such intensity?

Instagram proves we are big time fatties

Think that finer dining establishments would be winning over Instagram? You'd be wrong.
way to ruin our new source of gif fun pervs dont up

Thanks for ruining the best new GIF gallery with porn, pervs

.GIF Hell is a new tool that shows you all the trending animated GIFs... unfortunately all the porn means it's on temporary hiatus.
everything you need to know from the marissa mayer unathorized biography mm

The 10 things you should know from today’s big Marissa Mayer profile

The in-depth Marissa Mayer unauthorized biographical account is full of revelations - and if you can't read the whole thing, here are the highlights.
WTF Internet Sydney Leathers

WTF, Internet? Sydney Leathers is perhaps the worst source for digital romance advice ever

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of Anthony's Weiner's sexting partner, Sydney (real name) Leathers.
catfish season header

It’s catfishing season! How to tell lovers from liars online, and more

Lying in the Internet has risen to whole new levels thanks to the act of 'catfishing.' Here's everything you need to know.
woman wearing headphones

Spotify and want to get you out of the house and on a date, damnit

Just can't get over your pre-date anxiety? stats coupled with Spotify tunes might be able to keep you cool.

Where we’re going, we don’t need words: Social apps are killing text

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook - social apps are how was talk now, and we're increasingly cutting the words out of them.
linkedin university pages for education

LinkedIn cozies up to the youth with new university pages

LinkedIn is now adding professional hopefuls to its user base by opening the site to universities and 14 year olds.
online mugshots header

In the grey-market world of online mugshots, ‘untagging’ will cost you

Websites that publish your mugshot online are continuing to profit off people desperate to erase the past.
wtf internet summerbreak

WTF, Internet? You can’t make reality TV out of spoiled teens using Instagram

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of @SummerBreak, the worst thing to happen to reality television. (Yes, it's that bad.)
facebook vip app celebs red carpet

Dear Facebook: Put away the red carpet for celebs, we’re happy with just friends

Facebook is experimenting with how it treats celebrities, but in the process it's losing focus on the things that it does well.