Peter Soldinger

Peter Soldinger

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Peter Soldinger is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter for film and television with a passion for sports and a contentious relationship with all the technology that makes both pursuits possible. He thinks that relationship is amusing and wants you to read about it. If you've gotten this far, he was right. Soldinger is a rabid Yankees, Knicks, and Giants fan and still believes the "rom-com" is a viable genre of film.

Will this Bitcoin stuff amount to anything more than a hill of beans?

The recent surge and collapse in Bitcoin values got us thinking about all the things we don’t understand about the virtual currency, and whether they’re a good or a bad idea.

How my first flying lesson proves that idiot-proof technology makes us idiots

When I climbed in the back of my buddy Phil’s pilot’s lesson, I learned a valuable lesson about how we sometimes rely a little too much on touchscreens and GPS when plain old experience often serves us better.

You know what they say about people in Glass houses?

Google has announced its first wave of Glass recipients, and it’s a veritable “Who’s who” of … well … actually, it’s a little unclear who is who on this list of 4,000.

Gut check time, boys: Why do we make it so hard for women in tech?

The month of March was a banner one for women being made to feel unwelcome in the tech industry. It’s an old problem, and not a complicated one: men need to grow up.

In an always-on world, March Madness is no joke

With every game of the NCAA basketball tournament available on TV, phone, and computer, plus a gazillion apps feeding real-time bracket information, information overload doesn’t begin to describe our hero’s experience on Day 1.

Listen, Google and Apple, this is not how you reanimate obsolete technology!

If we’re going to be forced to wear glasses and watches again, then here 7 other technologies we’d like to bring back from the dead.

For those returning to cubicle captivity, we salute you (and recommend the following)

Thousands of Best Buy and Yahoo! employees are about to return to the workplace for the first time in a while. Here are 11 rules to live by now that you’re amongst other people all day long.
Emerging Tech

How technology helps a sick boy (while secretly plotting to destroy us all)

The story of Devon Carrow, a sick 6-year-old Connecticut boy who attends school with the help of a robot called the VGo, is heartwarming – until the Robopocalypse begins.

Confessions of a straight male: Why I’m done with online shopping

I’ve been snookered with promises of false conveniences in exchange for a wardrobe that makes me look ridiculous. It’s time to return to the warm embrace of the mall.
Social Media

Athletes make Twitter incoherent, Twitter makes athletes mortal

The stuff coming out of the keyboards of athletes on Twitter is absurd and often embarrassing, but in the long run it's a blessing.