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best unlocked phones bestunlockedphone head

The best unlocked phones

If you want the freedom to switch carriers at will, buy an unlocked smartphone. No matter your budget, these are the best unlocked phones you can buy today.
samsung galaxy z flip 24 hour review hands on 6

Folding phones have a durability problem, and they’re tough to fix

With reports of creaky hinges, scratches and cracks appearing on folding screens, and difficult repairs is it better to hold off on buying a foldable phone?
Huawei Mate XS.

Huawei Mate Xs vs. Huawei Mate X: What’s the difference?

The second-gen Huawei Mate Xs looks a lot like its predecessor, but there are some differences. Find out how it stacks up as we compare the Mate Xs to Mate X.
samsung galaxy fold fixes explained feature

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs. Galaxy Fold: Which is right for you?

Find out about all the differences between Samsung's folding phones as we compare the Galaxy Fold to the Galaxy Z Flip to help you choose which is best for you.
Moto G Power and G Stylus

Moto G Power vs. Moto G Stylus: All the differences explained

Drilling down into the details on the spec sheet to find out what's different about Motorola's latest Android smartphones -- the Moto G Power and the Moto G Stylus.
back of Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 vs. Apple iPhone 11 Pro: The best of the best

The Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro are two of the best smartphones available today. Find out how they compare as we delve into the differences.
samsung galaxy s20 interview 5g flagships lens

Samsung’s flagship phone lineup is massive. Here are 5 reasons for that

If you're a Samsung fan you've never had so much choice, but how do you pick from the ever expanding galaxy of flagship phones? Digital Trends spoke with market analysts to find out why the trend has accelerated, and why it's not likely to stop.
samsung galaxy z flip hands on features price photos release date 6

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs. Motorola Razr: Folding phone face-off

The Motorola Razr is a flip phone for the modern age and Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip sports a similar design. Find out what sets these phones apart.
Samsung Galaxy S20 camera closeup

Samsung Galaxy S20 vs. Galaxy S10: Is it worth upgrading?

If you're wondering what Samsung's Galaxy S20 has to offer compared to last year's S10, we have the answers. Find out how they differ in this specs comparison.
google be internet awesome

Google partnerships aim to help parents with their kids’ online safety

As part of Safer Internet Day, Google has announced partnerships with the National PTA, YMCA, and others to offer free online safety workshops for parents.
Android 10

Google needs these 9 new features in Android 11

With Android 11 looming on the horizon, I conjured up a list of the new features and refinements that I'd like to see in the next version of Google's mobile operating system. There are a few things, like gestures, that could use a tweak, and features like screen recording would be welcome additions.
Galaxy Fold

What will your smartphone look like in 2025?

Prepare for innovation and excitement as smartphones evolve beyond the candy bar design, shedding ports and buttons and adopting new controls and folding displays. We spoke to Motorola's VP of Design and checked out some ultrasound buttonless controls as we explored the future of smartphone design.
Puma Smartwatch

Puma Smartwatch review: Looks sporty, performs poorly

Manufactured by the Fossil Group, the Puma Smartwatch offers a sleek and sporty Wear OS look and plenty of fitness tracking features. It's also a device that doesn't need your phone to track your workouts. But performance is a major issue -- even more so than most Wear OS watches.
GuRu wireless power over distance

Wireless power over distance creeps closer to your home at CES 2020

The idea of wireless power over distance is attractive, and if CES 2020 is anything to go by, it's going to be available in real products this year. We spoke to Ossia, Wi-Charge, Powercast, and GuRu about their different approaches, what challenges remain, and to find out when we will see it in stores.
GuRu wireless power over distance

GuRu’s robot could charge up your devices wirelessly over a distance

The group of companies determined to bring wireless charging based on delivering power over distance is growing. The fourth player we've seen in this space at CES 2020, GuRu had some of the smartest solutions to some of the problems that power over distance must overcome if it's to be successful.
Elliptic Labs Texas Instruments audio amplifier

Elliptic Labs gesture controls and presence detection coming to your living room

With support for gesture controls and presence detection, Elliptic Labs technology is impressive. It has now been integrated into a Texas Instruments audio chip which brings it a step closer to being released in a device, like a smart speaker, that you might buy. We tried it out at CES 2020.
Withings ScanWatch

The best health gadgets of CES 2020 combat dyslexia, sleep apnea, and more

Technology can be a powerful tool for change, and in the right hands it can boost human health, help us cope with pain, and find new ways to treat old ailments. We've gathered some of the best health gadgets we've seen so far at CES 2020 in this roundup that deal with such conditions as dyslexia and sleep apnea.
Sima Robot

Best mobile accessories of CES 2020: Cases, wireless chargers, and robots

Cat S32

Tough as nails, the Cat S32 smartphone fills the rugged niche at CES 2020

Tough work environments and outdoors adventures don't bode well for fragile smartphones. The newly announced Cat S32 is built to withstand bumps, drops, and the elements. Launched at CES 2020, the Cat S32 is a rugged phone you can rely on that's capable of withstanding drops, water, dust, and more.
Skagen Falster 3

The Skagen Falster 3 smartwatch embodies minimalist Scandinavian style

Danish brand Skagen is known for an understated, classy style, and the Falster 3 is the best smartwatch it has turned out so far. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 and 1GB of RAM, this is a snappy performer that comes in four attractive models, including a special X by Kygo edition in black.
Cota Home

Ossia shows off wireless power transmitter with 30-foot range at CES 2020

The idea of wireless power over distance crept a little closer to reality with the announcement of the Ossia Cota Home at CES 2020. Having gadgets charge up without the need for plugs and cables could be very convenient. The Cota Home is a wireless power transmitter with a 30-foot range.
TCL folding screen prototype CES 2020

TCL is working on more than 30 different folding phone concepts

Alongside a new trio of TCL-branded phones, the Chinese manufacturer showed us an entirely new, working prototype of a folding phone at CES 2020. TCL currently has more than 30 different devices, all with folding screens, some at concept and others at prototype stage, and is aiming at a release this year.
the history of cds rise and fall death cd rom9

In memoriam: All the best tech that died in the 2010s

iPhone 11 Pro and Pixel 4 rear

10 things your smartphone couldn’t do 10 years ago

Smartphones have come a long way in the last decade and they can now do things that would have seemed unlikely to us ten years ago. We take a look at some of the biggest and best capabilities smartphones have developed in the last ten years thanks to faster networks, smarter software, and better hardware.
samsung galaxy tab s6 news 1

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 vs. Tab S5e vs. Tab S4: A look at all the differences

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S6 is its new top-of-the-range tablet, but the recently released Tab S5e is much cheaper, and there's also the older Tab S4. We take a look at the three in greater depth and compare them across several categories, picking a winner in each, to help you decide which Tab S to buy.
best worst smartphone manufacturers 2019 samsung galaxy note 10 9

HTC is dead and Samsung is king: Smartphone manufacturers that won and lost in 2019

HTC's dead and Samsung is king in 2019. Sony and LG say long 'live smartphones,' but should they? Smartphone market supremacy requires serious strategic skills. It's tough to craft superb smartphones and even harder to persuade people to buy them. Don't believe us? Just ask Google and Huawei.
Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 review

Google’s Pixel 3 smartphone is the best Android phone you can buy. It doesn’t have the best looks or the most cutting edge features, but you’ll be hard pressed to find better software and unique A.I. functionalities.
android vs ios v maps

5G vs. LTE: What’s the difference, and does it matter?

If you're uncertain what the difference between 5G, LTE, and 4G is, then you're not alone. As 5G networks begin to roll out, there's a lot of confusion about what the different terms and technologies mean. We explain the differences between 5G and LTE and take a look at the future of both.
iPhone 11

Best Cyber Monday iPhone deals: Lowest prices on Apple smartphones

Apple knows how to make great smartphones, but iPhones tend to be expensive. If you're shopping for an iPhone right now, but the price is putting you off, then Cyber Monday could be the ideal time to buy because there are deals aplenty. Here are the best Cyber Monday iPhone deals still available.
wireless chargers samsung galaxy s10 deals anker charging pad

Juice up your iPhone or Galaxy with a wireless charger, on sale for Black Friday

If you need a new wireless charger, then now is a great time to snag one at a big discount. We've got a comprehensive list of the best Black Friday wireless charger deals for you right here, with picks from Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. We've picked out wireless charging stands, pads, and car cradles.
Sleep Number It Bed review

Does tracking your sleep actually help you sleep better? We asked an expert

The modern age just isn't conducive to getting restful sleep. There's a myriad of companies that proclaim their sleep trackers and programs to be catalysts for real sleep improvement. But are they actually making things worse? We asked an expert and we didn't get the answer of our dreams.
Diesel On Axial

Diesel On Axial review: A bold design for Wear OS

Diesel's Wear OS smartwatch stands out for its rugged, industrial, over-sized design that's sure to turn heads. It's not just unashamedly a Diesel design. It's also a feature-packed bit of tech with the latest Android smartwatch internals, and all the hardware you could ask for in such a device.
how to reset a galaxy s7 edge

How to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

Find out how to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy S7 and erase all data the right way. If you're selling or giving away your Galaxy S7, read this first. You'll need to deal with Factory Reset Protection, back up anything you want to keep, and find the right method to wipe your S7 clean before passing it on.
lg g8 thinq vs v50 review 9

The best LG G8 ThinQ cases and covers

With glass front and back, the LG G8 ThinQ is an attractive phone, but it's one that takes some looking after. If you want to ensure it doesn't develop scratches or cracks, then you need to consider some proper protection. We have identified the best LG G8 ThinQ cases and covers to help you safeguard it.