Velocity Micro Vector Campus Edition video review

Modern college students use their computers for just about everything — research, studying, entertainment, procrastination. Keeping this habit of use in mind, Velocity Micro has been designing PC’s that are optimized for college life in every way. On the inside, it’s got all the specs a student would ever need: Intel Core i5-3570K processor, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti video card built by EVGA. This powerful setup performed well in our benchmark tests, and should be sufficient for the needs of most students.

Its guts are great, but what really makes this PC a good choice for college students is its design. The enclosure is made out of machined aluminum, which makes it extremely light and easy to transport. Velocity Micro also put a lot of consideration into how the PC’s components are arranged, and positioned them in a way that makes them easily accessible and simple to upgrade or repair. 

Our review unit rang up at around $1300, but the standard model starts at $749, which makes it quite affordable when you consider its specs. Check out our full Velocity Micro Vector Campus Edition review for further details.