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Nintendo Switch review

The Nintendo Switch delivers on more new and interesting features than any console in recent memory. In many ways, it's the most inventive gaming device in recent memory, and it may be the best-designed console Nintendo… See Full Review »

Our Score 8

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Nintendo DSi XL Review

  • Larger screen size
  • Still very portable
  • New matte finish offers better grip
  • Compatible with DS cartridges
  • Weak and overpriced titles
  • Same screen resolution as the DSi and DS Lite
  • Small number of preinstalled titles
Our Score 7

Nintendo 3DS Review

  • 3D works well
  • Much more powerful than the DS
  • Incredible amount of potential.
  • Very short battery life
  • Low-resolution camera
  • Missing a lot of software
Our Score 8

Nintendo Wii U Review

  • A fresh, original way to look at gaming
  • GamePad means previous released best-sellers can…
  • Can play console-quality games on the GamePad…
  • Miiverse is a ready-made community
  • Backwards compatibility with Wii games…
  • Much of the software has been delayed
  • Short battery life on GamePad
  • Relatively high price compared to rivals
  • Won’t play Blu-rays or DVDs, and does not have…
  • No networking abilities
  • Tiny internal hard drive forces you to buy more…
  • Several promised online functions are not…
Our Score 8

Game Boy Micro Review

  • Portability; Software Library; Screen Brightness;…
  • Price; Durability; Button positioning
Our Score 8

Sony PSP Go Review

  • Sharp
  • vibrant screen; significantly smaller form factor
  • Smudgy black surface; proprietary power and data…
  • unimproved browser; minor comfort sacrifices due…
Our Score 6.5

New Nintendo 2DS XL Review

  • 2DS with a clamshell design
  • Affordable
  • Works great with all 3DS games
  • Nice console design
  • SD and cartridge slots are accessible but…
  • Hinge is wobbly
  • Doesn’t add any substantial new features
Our Score 8

Nintendo DSi Review

  • Intuitive to use; fun multimedia options; slick…
  • Weak camera; no editing of non-DSi photos; lacks…
Our Score 8

Sony PlayStation Vita Review

  • Beautiful OLED display
  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Dual analog sticks
  • Powerful hardware means huge potential
  • Weak battery life
  • Browser lacks Flash or HTML5 support
  • Hidden costs boost the price
Our Score 8.5