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Nintendo Switch review

The Nintendo Switch delivers on more new and interesting features than any console in recent memory. In many ways, it's the most inventive gaming device in recent memory, and it may be the best-designed console Nintendo… See Full Review »

Our Score 8

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Nintendo NES Classic Edition Review

  • Great recreation of the NES experience
  • Amazing value
  • Access to lots of classic games without an…
  • Easy to use
  • CRT mode adds a unique retro look
  • Short controller cable length
  • No Power and menu “home” buttons on the…
  • Minor framerate and screen-tearing issues on some…
Our Score 8

New Nintendo 3DS XL Review

  • Excellent glasses-free 3D
  • New guts theoretically promise more technically…
  • Existing 3DS catalog enhanced by new improvements
  • No proprietary cord for charging out of the box…
  • Extra tools required to swap storage cards
  • Convoluted system transfer process from older…
Our Score 6

Sony PlayStation Vita Slim Review

  • Lighter and slimmer
  • Longer battery life
  • Better access to touchscreen and touch pad
  • OLED screen replaced by LCD
  • No major upgrades
  • Still costs $200
  • Forcibly bundled with Borderlands 2
  • Forcibly bundled with 8GB card
Our Score 8

Microsoft Xbox One Review

  • Powerful OS is user-friendly and built for…
  • Kinect v2's well-implemented voice recognition is…
  • Improved internal hardware translates to smooth…
  • Cable box interconnectivity is great for TV…
  • Limited, occasionally non-intuitive voice commands…
  • Bulky, hefty form factor
  • Snap same-screen multitasking is debatably useful
Our Score 8.5

Sony PlayStation 4 Review

  • Powerful hardware hasn’t even reached its full…
  • Much-improved DualShock 4 controller
  • Multitasking allows background downloads, music…
  • Sharing content is simple
  • Justifies owning a Vita
  • Many features still on the way, like Gaikai…
  • Baffling lack of DLNA and MP3 support
Our Score 9

Ouya Review

  • Sleek and attractive compact design
  • Great for modders and indie devs
  • Inexpensive games, all with playable demos
  • The possibility of a huge number of exclusive…
  • Disorganized menus and notifications
  • You get less than with a smartphone
  • Limited Launch Library
  • No access to Google Play
Our Score 6.5

Nintendo Wii U Review

  • A fresh, original way to look at gaming
  • GamePad means previous released best-sellers can…
  • Can play console-quality games on the GamePad…
  • Miiverse is a ready-made community
  • Backwards compatibility with Wii games…
  • Much of the software has been delayed
  • Short battery life on GamePad
  • Relatively high price compared to rivals
  • Won’t play Blu-rays or DVDs, and does not have…
  • No networking abilities
  • Tiny internal hard drive forces you to buy more…
  • Several promised online functions are not…
Our Score 8

Nintendo 3DS XL Review

  • Much bigger 3D display
  • Larger touchscreen is easier to use
  • Better, more ergonomic design
  • Adding a right thumb stick would have made sense
  • $30 more than original 3DS
  • Software library is still weak
Our Score 8