2013 Ford Escape hands-free liftgate demo – kick the bumper to open the trunk

At Ford’s Focus Electric event in New York today, we also learned a bit more about the 2012 Ford Escape, but the feature that drew our eye was its hands-free liftgate. Basically, kick the bottom of the rear bumper and the back hatch will open. From what I understand, there’s a laser under the bumper that your foot disrupts, causing the trunk to open automatically. If you’re worried about just any old person coming up to your vehicle, kicking the bumper, and getting in, well don’t get too worried. The key safety feature is that there is a proximity sensor inside the key to the car. You can only open the trunk this way if the keys are less than 1 yard (meter) away from the rear of the car. They can be in your pocket–that’s not a problem. But you have to have the keys on you. I couldn’t get a good shot of the actual laser, but this video shows how it works.