Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer

The movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is based off a book of the same name by Seth Grahame-Smith. It falls in the same kind of realm as the popular novel Pride & Prejudice & Zombies also by Grahame-Smith. Of course, the plot of the film is the secret life of the 16th U.S. President who battled the undead bloodsuckers throughout his life. 

Tim Burton is producing the film – you can definitely see hints of his style in the trailer – and Timur Bekmambetov is directing the film. You  might recognize Timur as the director of the Angelina Jolie film Wanted, based on Mark Millar’s comic. He also did the Russian film adaptation of the Night Watch books. Timur has a history of highly-stylized  adaptative films. This one should not be any different and looks to be very stylized based on this trailer.

Some actors of note include Benjamin Walker (Kinsey, Flags of Our Fathers) as Lincoln and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Thing) as Mary Todd Lincoln.

Look for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in theaters this summer on June 22.