Air New Zealand USA – Premium Economy 777-300

777-300 walk through of Air New Zealand’s Premium Economy Spaceseat™. Premium Economy is about creating ample space and privacy. The design of our revolutionary Spaceseat™ means that the person sitting in front of you can’t recline into your personal space. The seats that run through the inner space of the cabin have been designed for couples, so you can relax together, or turn to face each other to share a meal. The seats on the outer space of the cabin cater more for those who need some uninterrupted work time, or for people who prefer to keep to themselves during the flight.

We know that offering chicken or beef won’t cut it in future, so we’ve designed a delicious menu with our consultant chef. In our Premium Economy cabin you can expect to sample mouth-watering options, complemented by premium New Zealand wines. And if you need to fill a gap, simply order up a snack direct from your personal entertainment screen.

The vast selection of activities on our inflight entertainment will keep even the most fidgety of flyers engaged for the whole flight. Enjoy over 580 hours of content – including latest movies, TV box sets, video games, dedicated kids section, news feeds and a YouTube channel – all on a 10.6” personal touch screen in widescreen format. If you need more, there are always the USB and iPod connections to plug in to

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