Alien Spidy: it’s not what you think it is.

Check out the trailer for this physics-based side-scrolling platformer from Kalypso Media.

If you thought this was a trailer for some bastardized intergalactic version of Spider-Man, you were wrong – but not entirely off the mark. This game has nothing to do with Marvel or Peter Parker, but it definitely has a few similarities. Imagine if Spiderman wasn’t a man at all, but instead was just a nimble-ass spider who happens to be from space. Awesome, right? Dr. Octopus probably would’ve pissed his skivvies if he had to go up against somebody with the same amount of limbs.

As this strange spacefaring arachnid, you must use your innate knowledge of pendulum physics to swing your way through a variety of platform-style levels – stopping only to vanquish the foes who obstruct your path. Kalypso Media hasn’t yet announced a release date for the game, but they expect Alien Spidy to be ready sometime in early 2013, so it can’t be too far off. The game will be available on Mac, PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and PS3.