Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch Review | The Best Mac In Years

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro isn’t revolutionary. It wasn’t launched at a glitzy press event. It’s not a leap forward in design, and it certainly isn’t innovative. It’s a patch. However, it’s a good one.


the past three years have been pretty rough for the Mac book pro lawsuits, emergency repair programs, never ending barrage of online criticism. But this right here, the new 16 inch MacBook Pro wants to fix all of that, and I think it actually does. Theo, let's get this out of the way First, the new 16 inch MacBook Pro is not an exciting laptop. It wasn't announced at a glitzy press event. There's not really anything innovative or forward thinking about its design. It's really just a patch. And that's why the basics of the macro pro are still intact. The unibody aluminum build quality is still one of the mackerel biggest strength, and Apple hasn't dared touch that formula this time around, along with a lot of the other things we already loved about the macro pro like the oversized forced touch trackpad or the venerable three heavy port selection. But once you get past the space grave, it all and actually dig into some of the change of the apple has made, you'll see the evidence for an eager desire to please its fans. Now, obviously, the keyboard is the piece of the puzzle that Apple could not afford to get wrong. The controversial butterfly switches have been thrown out completely, and it said, Now we have this. The Magic keyboard, which is named after the still really popular I'm Mac accessory, the physical escape key and the inverted T Arrow keys even make a glorious return here. And I know a lot of people are gonna love that. It's not a Taiping revolution, but I do think this new keyboard is the best Matt keyboard Apple has ever put in a laptop. It's a step up from the 2015 Mac book Pro with It's a larger key caps, and it's snappier mechanism. And obviously it's heads and tails over the Butterfly Mechanism keyboard. The touch bar is still not a favorite teacher of mine. Hasn't really changed this time around. It's just a little bit taller to you. Match the height of the keyboard a little bit shorter on each side to fit in the escape key and touch a D. In general, I still find myself actually meeting my music all the time and wondering why it's not We're useful, but it is what it is until Apple makes any significant changes in the future. But with the extra travel in this keyboard, the chassis is a little bit thicker than the 15 inch MacBook Pro that this replaces only 150.3 inches, but it is noticeable. However, Apple hasn't let that space go unused. Instead, it's made some meaningful improvements to battery life and performance. With that extra space, the truth is the Mac wit pro design has always felt impossibly thin for the amount of power they were trying to deliver, especially in the 15 inch MacBook Pro, and all that might have been okay or adequate in 2016. But in the past couple of years, until has really pushed the envelope for the amount of power than putting into laptop processors. Specifically, I'm talking about these core I nine processors. Unfortunately, Apple has had a pretty spotty record of putting these in the Mac book Pro 2018 Apple quickly through these processors into the 50 nature, and the results were severe, throttling to the point where the Cory nine with only a tiny bit faster than the Court seven despite being quite a bit more expensive in 2019 earlier this year, the eight core Cory nine did a bit better in the 15 inch MacBook Pro. It was reasonably fast on a pretty big upgrade over the previous year, but it was still always a step behind the Del Xbox 15 which was significantly faster in things like video editing and content creation, which that's really important because that's what these laptops are made for. But with this, the 16 inch MacBook Pro Apple is actually taken the time to go in and redesigned the thermal, so that can actually candle these high end laptop processors from Intel. Thinner fan blades. Larger heat sings extra vents the whole deal. And as it turns out, these changes make a huge difference in performance, despite using the same eight core corn and processor and 32 gigabytes of Ram. Although now you can go up to 64 this Mac quid pro really does leave its predecessor in the dust in pretty much every benchmark in real life test I could throw out. So I loaded up a four K two minute clip in Adobe Premiere and exported out progress for 22 and it completed it in just four minutes and 41 seconds. Now, exporting that same clip on the 15 inch MacBook Pro earlier this year took me over twice as long. That's crazy for using the same processor. The sixties back. Grupo is now up to speed with something like the X p s 15 which is really where it should have been all along only. Imagine how fast it would be in a Mac optimized software like Final Cut Pro. Now there's more to these great results than just increased air flow in the system. Adobes software optimization is probably playing to it a little bit from earlier this year, as well as the new onboard graphics that Apple has included from Andy. As with all recent macro pros, this guy uses a custom carved from a M. D. This time is the radio on pro 5300 M or the 5500. These graphics aren't your standard you to your upgrade, though. They're based on Andy's new seven animator graphics architecture, and clearly they are assisting here into turning this macro probe into a powerhouse video editing. They definitely don't turn the Mac book pro into a gaming laptop overnight, but really they were never meant with the extra thickness Apple also stuffed in a larger battery, which I think a lot of people will be excited to hear about. And these proposed battery improvements are really important because large laptops with big screens, especially if they're high resolution like this one. They often struggle with battery life. Just as the 15 inch backward pro dude. The slightly larger battery cells increased the juice from 83.6 to 100 watt hours, which just happens to be the largest battery you can put on a laptop that you can legally bring onto a plane. But larger batteries don't always result in more time away from the wall socket. And in the case of the 16 inch MacBook Pro, I'm not seeing a huge improvement over the previous version. The new model didn't get me through a full eight hour work day, although it didn't really expected to again because of laptops. With this many pixels, it's powering under my standard workload, which involves dozens of tab streaming music and Spotify slack. Other applications like that. I got around five and 1/2 hours of battery life, which you know isn't get you through a full day, but it's on par with what you get in other laptops, like four K. Now you might be wondering. I've gone this far in the review and not mentioned the actual namesake of the device, this new 16 inch screen. The apples here. Obviously, it's bigger than before but also has a higher resolution, which is great. The thing I like about it best probably is that you've got some thinner basil's on these sides finally, so it feels like a more modern laptop to actually compete with the others. But no one's gonna be surprised. The apples put a really high quality display in its new flagship Mattrick Pro. I mean color, accuracy, brightness, contrast ratio doesn't matter what you measure. This is one of the best displays you could get in a laptop, which makes it great for photographer video editors and people who really need to trust that panel. Apples also thrown in some new microphones and some new speakers, which, like they didn't need to do this because they already had the laptop with the best speakers and 15 inch MacBook Pro. But these really take it a step further. Apple says that you can even hear 1/2 Octave Maur of base. When you listen to this thing, when you're watching movies, listening to music, they really do sound amazing. And I really appreciate the extra effort the Apple took. You actually deliver meaningful improvements. Now let's talk a little bit about who this laptop is for because the sparkle of a new MacBook Pro that fixes all the problems of the previous versions, it sounds really tempting even for people who this laptop really is not. For if you're a day to day doesn't involve running heavy applications, you're really not gonna have much use for a six court, let alone in eight core processor like the ones featured here. And you know, that might be okay with you. But that's 1000 bucks of unused power and more than that unused money. Because, remember, Apple doesn't sell these larger macro prose without at least 16 gigabytes of RAM, a six core processor indiscreet traffics. And really not everybody needs those things. The base configuration starts at 23 99 which is over 1000 bucks more than the 13 inch MacBook pro, and I get it. That smaller version doesn't have all these new upgrades and have the thin bez ALS and the fixed keyboard. And the new thermals doesn't have any of that. But I think it will eventually. Just Apple hasn't gone to bringing those upgrades to it yet. In the meantime, you're stuck with a pretty hard decision, because again, you might want the benefits of this new 16 rather appropriate don't really want to spend that much money or even really have a need for that much power. But I'd recommend either just waiting it out or looking at some of the other options in the window space that significantly cheaper and have a lot of those futures already included. But if you really do need this kind of power for the first time in a few years, I can fully recommend with a sigh of relief, this new 16 inch MacBook Pro. It's not the most exciting thing. It's not the most forward thinking thing, but in this case, I really think Apple was smart to deliver the goods, exactly how we wanted them