Area 407 trailer

We thought the “found footage” phenomenon had reached its breaking point. Since 2007’s Paranormal Activity, the sub-horror genre has blossomed with a grip of horror flicks using the idea of discovered videos as  a plot device. You could argue that 1999’s The Blair Witch Project really got the ball rolling, but only a handful of movies using the style were released between ’99 and ’07. From 2007-2008, however, the interest really picked up. 

The latest entry in the sub-genre is co-writer-directors Dale Fabrigar and Evert Wallin’s Area 407. In the movie a young girl and her family are on their way home from New York City when their plane crashes. A small group survives the crash and they find themselves stranded in the desert. Quickly, problems arise (as they always do) and the group starts getting attacked by creatures while also dealing with a sudden military presence. Like many “found footage” films, we’re not entirely sure why the girl and others film this experience but they do.

Released by IFC Midnight, IFC’s horror studio, Area 407 will be out on a limited release starting April 27.