Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel “It takes two” trailer

In an effort to generate some hype around their upcoming game, EA has enlisted the help of none other than Steezus Christ.

Anyone who’s ever played an Army of Two title — or even just bothered to read the back of the box — knows that teamwork is an essential part of the game. Hell, a clever person could even figure it out from the title, but EA still felt compelled to underscore that point in this latest trailer for Devil’s Cartel.

To drive home the game’s co-op dynamics, EA gathered up four of the silliest pro skaters they could find and had them play for a while. Sure, the title might say that it takes two, but apparently it takes four — two guys to play the game, and another two to smash piñatas and play ping pong for good b-roll footage.

Sprinkled throughout the trailer you’ll find some brief gameplay shots, but if you really want to see how Alpha and Bravo look in action, check out some of the previous trailers we’ve posted.

Devil’s Cartel is scheduled for release on March 26th.