BANG! Shoot your furniture with this lamp

Lamps are generally pretty boring. You click, pull, or flip them on with a variety of chains, switches, and toggles. Utilitarian, no doubt, but engaging and interesting? The answer is usually “no.” 

Bitplay Inc. believes that everyday objects should have a bit of whimsy and playfulness. According to the firm, they design “objects that have a sense of humor, that bring a little magic to our everyday interactions.”

With that in mind they created the BANG! desk lamp. What’s so special about it? As you can see in the video above, the lamp comes with a “gun” that can be used to fire at the device. “Shooting” the gun turns the light off and the lampshade knocks to the side, showing that it’s been hit. To turn it back on, simply shoot it again. In response, the lampshade raises up and the light turns back on. 

The lamp is made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PC (polycarbonate) while the gun is metal. The gun has a range of about 50 feet — of course, for those who prefer not to shoot their furniture, there’s also an on-off switch on the power cord.

We’ve seen the BANG! lamp online selling for $299, so you might want to save up because… who doesn’t want to shoot their furniture?