Declaration of War trailer

Declaration of War trailer

Note: This trailer is in French and has subtitles. 

Okay, if you’re at all like me then this trailer is really confusing. One: The title of the movie is Declaration of War. Against what? Being parents? That’s one heck of a declaration. Two: If it is a war against babies then this couple and the people they meet are definitely completely afraid of their baby. 

Here’s a plot synopsis to maybe make it a bit more sensible: Romeo (Jeremie Elkaim) and Juliette (Valerie Donzelli) are a young couple who have a newborn and they find out that the baby has a brain tumor. The film is based on the real life experiences of Donzelli and co-star/co-writer Elkaim and what they wen through when their own son fell ill.

Hopefully, that helps make the trailer make a bit more sense.

Declaration of War will see a limited release on January 27, 2012.